Some sex scenes should never have made the cut. We count down our top-five cringiest sex scenes...ever!


What a, er, flop!

Who hasn’t watched a romcom and hoped, even just a little bit, that their love life could reflect the film? Just for a night or two. Especially when things get a little steamy under the covers…

But what about when actors don’t quite click on screen. When their chemistry turns creepy, makes you chuckle, or worse, flops! When lights, camera, action leads to anything but?

Surprisingly, the competition for our top-five most unsexy scenes was, well, stiff! Bet you’re breathless with anticipation…

So, gird your loins – here they are… the cringiest sex scenes ever!


1. Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck: Cringiest sex scenes...ever!

A grown woman seducing a chubby duck… Far from raunchy, it’s just plain quackers!

Thankfully, you never get to see anything that would ruffle anyone’s feathers, but the idea of it is enough. Even leading lady Lea Thompson reveals she’s ‘just kidding’. Phew!

Mind you, Lea seems to be a master of uncomfortable pseudo sex-scenes. Remember when Marty McFly goes back in time and his mum makes a pass at him…

Cringe factor: 10/10


2. Gigli

Gigli: Cringiest sex scenes...ever!

In this epic disaster, then real-life couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez roll around in an endless and excruciating sex scene. To add insult to injury, J-Lo’s character is a lesbian ‘turned’ by Affleck’s charm!

The complete lack of chemistry is a turn-off in itself, but then J-Lo announces, ‘It’s turkey time, gobble gobble!’ Yes, seriously. CRINGE!

Cringe factor: 9/10


3. Showgirls

Showgirls: Cringiest sex scenes...ever!

This film has become legendary for its cringe-worthy, pool-based romp.

In it, Elizabeth Berkley thrashes and flails around so much you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s being eaten by Jaws, not getting down and dirty with Kyle Maclachlan!

Cringe factor: 9/10


4. Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence: Cringiest sex scenes...ever!

In this wannabe erotic thriller, Willem Dafoe plays a defence lawyer whose latest client – pop queen, Madge – is accused of killing her lover…with sex!

Naturally, they have an affair, and things get kinky. Or so you’d hope…

Instead, it made most people squirm as, mid-coitus, Madge drips candle wax on an alarmed Dafoe. Rated R, due to the scandalous content, we reckon it’s more R for ridiculous!

Cringe factor: 8/10


5. Fifty Shades of Grey parody

If you were too shy to read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, or watch the first film, fear not! Here’s a highly amusing spoof of the trailer using those little, yellow Lego hotties!

Cringe factor: 7/10


What would get your vote as the cringiest sex scene…ever?