It's the most stressful time for any parent to be. The birth: B-day. You might think you've prepared for most scenarios…but once the contractions kick in, that peaceful home birth you had your heart set on goes out of the window. Check out our examples of bizarre and unconventional births... Your baby was born where?! From up a tree to a strip-club car park...babies popping out all over the place! You never know, one may be appearing near you soon...


1. In a lift

Guess being in a hospital lift isn’t SO far away from where you should be giving birth… Katie Thacker did just this in a hospital in Tacoma, US. The lift got stuck but, fortunately, Katie’s midwife was with her. Katie popped out baby Blake while the father, one floor up, climbed down the lift shaft, then popped by to add his congratulations!

2. At an amusement park

Takia Mann was at Busch Gardens’ Sesame Place, Pennsylvania in May 2009, when she started feeling contractions…and, before long, baby girl Jayda arrived.  Takia’s the second mother to have given birth in Sesame Place. Too much excitement?!

3. In a strip club

A woman from North Texas so desperately needed to give birth that the only choice was for her husband driving her to pull over in a nearby car park… Said car park was owned by a strip club. Bouncers helped shepherd the general public away from the spectacle. We’re not sure if the baby girl was to be named Cherry or Candy…

4. Post-marathon

To celebrate the end of the 26.2 miles she’d just undertaken at the Chicago Marathon, Amber Miller gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter! More than a patter of tiny feet!

5. After a driving test

Passing your driving test is stressful enough, without ramping up those levels by having a baby straight after! Emma French from West Lothian passed, then drove herself straight to hospital where she gave birth to baby Eva! Her bedside table was a mixture of congratulations cards.

6. Mid-flight

In 2011, a Filipino lady gave birth at 30,000ft. Aida Alamillo was moved to a more discreet area of the plane in Business Class, where she gave birth to a 6lb baby boy. As she was flying to San Francisco, she named him Kevin Raymar Francis Domingo.

7. At a wedding

How about becoming a mum and wife at the same time?! This happened to an Indian lady who went into labour during her wedding ceremony. Once the birth was over, the vows were completed with the groom holding the newborn proudly in his arms.

8. At an exhibition

A close audience watched Marni Kotak give birth as part of her live exhibition in The Microscope Gallery in New York, in 2011. Her son Ajax was born in a converted birthing pool – and the title of this piece: ‘The Birth of Baby X’.

9. At a garage

In May 2010, at a Cambridge garage, a woman unexpectedly went into labour whilst hoping for a quick oil change! Instead, she gave birth to a baby boy in the back of her vehicle.

10. On the farm

A woman’s 21st birthday celebrations were cut short when she went into labour.  With no time to get to a hospital, the family farmhouse became a makeshift maternity ward. The father, oblivious to events, was out helping a cow in labour. He came home to find he now had a 7lb 2oz son as well as bull calf weighing 60lb.

11. Up a tree

The year 2000, and picture the worst floods in Mozambique for 50 years… And so it was that 26-year-old Sofia Pedro gave birth up a tree! Having already been there for three days, she was rescued by an airforce medic, who winched her and her baby girl Rosita to the helicopter after safely delivering the baby and cutting the umbilical cord.

12. At the post office

A post office in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, had more than packages and letters to sort one day in 2009. Sonia Nascimento had intented to buy phone credit but ended up making a special delivery of her own – 5lb 15oz daughter Dulce. That’s the equivilant of a £8.50 parcel!

13. In the library

Ssssshhhh! Silence wasn’t possible in a Denver library when 18-year-old Dominque Trevino gave birth to her baby girl Sariah. Medics were on their way, but contractions had hit the point of no return. Staff in the library treated the new babe to a bag of children’s books.

14. On a lifeboat

This one’s down to geography and circumstance… In 2010, 26-year-old Junelle Wilson from the Scottish Island of Mull was orginally heading to the hospital in Oban when she began to give birth. So, instead, she settled for the bobbing waters of a lifeboat at sea! Welcome little Van Harris Wilson!

15. On the Tube

Not a sight seen too often – Julia Kowalska’s waters broke on the London Underground’s Jubilee line, at Kingsbury station. Able to be moved to a supervisor’s office for some privacy, Julia gave birth to a healthy baby girl. In the 125 years of the Tube, only two babies are recorded as to being born on the network.

16. At the zoo

In 2012, a woman visiting Rosamund Grifford Zoo in  New York went into unexpected labour. She gave birth to a baby girl outside the bear enclosure! Zoo staff were on hand to help with delivery.

17. The ultimate water birth?

Giving birth in a car not scary enough? Try doing it in a car sinking to the bottom of a lake! That’s exactly what 21-year-old Kennyetta Biggs did. In the early hours of the morning, she’d attempted to drive to a hospital and lost control, ending up in a lake. A local Deputy saw her and came to her rescue. Phew!