If you want to know what to do in London this summer, look no further! Here is our handy guide of some of the things you must do in London this year.

1. God’s Own Junkyard

gods own junkyard

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to old signs and neons, here is your answer! Gods Own Junkyard is awash with new and vintage neons and salvaged signs. Head to Walthamstow if you want to visit this amazing place.


2. Secret Cinema


If you want a live cinema experience, then look no further! In July, the geniuses at Secret Cinema are bringing the 80s classic Dirty Dancing to its screen. A secret outdoor London location will be transformed into Max Kellerman’s famous holiday resort and guests will be taken back to the summer of 1963 where they can dance the night away.


3. Cahoots


All aboard the Cahoots train. Step back in time with this prohibition style London Underground station themed bar! You can choose your cocktails from the newspaper drinks menu… be sure to check out the hidden martinis in the crossword!


4. Junkyard Golf

Junkyard golf1

Golf as you’ve never seen it before! Junkyard Golf features three nine hole crazy golf courses of weird and twisted junk, car boot and charity shop items. You can choose test your pro skills on FRANK, PEDRO or HELGA.


5. Cellar Door

Rex Features

Rex Features

Get up close and personal in this tiny bar that used to be a Victorian public toilet. Despite it’s tiny size Cellar Door’s brilliant design makes it feel cosy rather than claustrophobic.


6. Jenny Wren

Rex Features

Rex Features

Hop on the Jenny Wren from Camden for a trip along the beautiful canals. You can travel through the famous Camden lock before sailing through London Zoo, Regent’s Park, and a short canal tunnel that takes you to Robert Browning’s Island at Little Venice.


7. Vista at the Trafalgar

Go to the top of this swanky hotel for an amazing view of London. You can overlook Trafalgar square whilst sipping cocktails in the sunshine. Just make sure you pick a day with a good weather forecast!


8. The Last Tuesday Society

The Gallery Leonora The Lion

Relax in the strangest yet most comfortable surroundings East London has to offer! In the company of a taxidermy lioness, you can enjoy a plethora of gin cocktails and unusual bites to eat. Downstairs, there is a basement museum ‘of curiosities’ filled to the brim with odd, fun and downright creepy artefacts collected from the far corners of the earth by the museum owner, Viktor Wynd. Look out for regular tours hosted by Viktor allowing you to explore the inner workings of mind and get an explanation behind his weird and wonderful finds!


9. Speedy’s Café


Just round the corner from Euston Square station you can find the little hidden gem known as Speedy’s Café. You may recognize this café as the backdrop for countless scenes between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock. Fans may be disappointed to find out that the café, along with Sherlock’s flat next door, are not actually on Baker Street.


10. Umbrellas

Lets face it, England is not known for its sunshine, so you’re more than likely to need an umbrella during your visit. Why not head to James Smith & Sons on New Oxford Street for your essential London accessory? It’s one of the most visually striking traditional shops in London. They opened their doors in 1830 and still have their original Victorian fittings.


11. Walk up the Monument



Believe it or not, Monument was once the tallest building in London and it’s well worth a visit. The only downside is there’s no lift, so you’ll have to walk up 311 narrow stairs to get to the top. Don’t worry you’ll be treated with a unique view of the city when you get there!


12. Bounce


Bounce is THE home of Ping Pong! This is a unique bar where you can have a fun filled competitive day or night playing ping pong with your friends whilst enjoying a few drinks.


13. Dine on the Gingerline


The Gingerline is a group of secret dining adventures. They create nights of mystery and are strictly top secret. Their out of this world experience fuse together art, performance, food and drink.


14. HintHunt


HintHunt is a fun live escape game, designed for small groups of up to 5 people. The aim of the game is to complete the mountain of puzzles and mysteries in a tiny room within 60 minutes. There are two rooms to choose from the JM’s Office and the Zen Room.


15. Kings Cross Platform 9 ¾


Here’s one for all the Harry Potter fans out there! Harry Potter and his friends get to Hogwarts by walking through a brick wall between platforms 9 and 10. In the real King’s Cross, platforms 9 and 10 are separated by tracks, but you can find platform 9¾ on the wall in the station concourse. Look out for a luggage trolley embedded in the wall, and pretend you are off to the wizarding world.


16. Whistle Punks

WHISTLE-PUNKS-notarget-dark-grey copy

Whistle Punks is the home of urban axe throwing and is said to be the most satisfying, social day or night out you will have. You can be throwing axes (whilst trying to hit the bulls eyes) with your friends or colleagues. Don’t worry if you’re new to axe throwing there are experts on site to help!


17. Village Underground

Rex Features

Rex Features

If you look up as you walk along Great Eastern Street from Shoreditch High Street, you will spot some old tube carriages. Designer Auro Foxcroft turned these old carriages into affordable office spaces for creative and small businesses.


18. Peter Pan Statue

Rex Features

Rex Features

Why not go for a walk around Kensington Gardens to find the statue of Peter Pan. that The statue has stood in Kensington Gardens since 1912, but that hasn’t stopped it entering the modern age. If you swipe you smartphone on the nearby plaque, you get a special call back from Peter Pan himself!