It's an addictive hobby that can become an obsession. Who doesn't like that winning feeling! Be in it to win it!


1. You have a habit of picking up every product in the supermarket with an attached promotional competition. Even if it’s not your usual brand!

2. You remember to keep a proof of purchase as you know the terms and conditions of competitions require these.

3. You can write your address and details at break neck speed on the keyboard you’ve written them so many times. Or you may have them to hand on a document ready to copy and paste into the entry boxes.

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4. Agonising on whether to enter a ‘pay to enter’ competition.

5. Religiously looking through Twitter and Facebook for daily competitions. Refresh, refresh refresh…

6. Having a drawer full of postcards and sealed down envelopes.

7. Becoming something of a puzzle expert and sometimes only ever answering the clues that enable you to fill in the yellow boxes to reveal the relevant prize answer. Saves time!

8. Having the habit of picking up any leaflets, free magazines and free newspapers that could reveal a few hidden away competitions.

9. You’ve joined 1000s of websites and have company mailing lists and newsletters coming out of your ears every day in your inbox.

10. Buying up many magazines especially if there’s really good competitions in there.


11. You have a whole library of winning books crossing over all sorts of topics.

12. On occasions a random prize may turn up you and you have no trace or recollection of entering but it’s always a welcomed surprise.

13. You’ve won tickets to a show or sporting event to something that’s not to your taste but you know someone in the family or friends will gladly accept. You’re flavour of the month!

14. In years gone by you’ve blazed a trail to your local letter box…come rain or shine.

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15. You have many books of stamps standing at the ready. First, second, anything that’ll post off that entry to win a car!

16. You’ve spent many hours on the internet saying to yourself ‘someone has to win’ and ‘just one more!’

17. You’re forever jumping out of your skin if the phone rings on a closing date of an exciting competition.

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18. You refer to yourself as a comper.

19. You lap up seasonal competitions especially at Christmas time. There are many advent calendar types or countdown to Christmas competitions on many of the big company websites.

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20. You’ve entered competitions where the rules state as many entries as you like and this has caused you to enter over 100s of entries. It becomes a daily routine until the closing date.

21. Finding out you didn’t win in a list of published winners and quietly seething in your congratulations for someone else. Next time!

22. Staying logged onto a competition website into the early hours and realising you’ve been up most of the night.

23. Losing track if you’ve already entered a competition through a different website or method.

24. Being so addicted you’ve even entered competitions with some rubbish or novelty prizes…’what the hell am I going to do with a surf board, 8 clown outfits and a couple of bread makers?’

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25. You’re the master of a limerick…there once was a…

…competition winner!

26. Before websites could document which competition you’d entered you’d have folders and lists with a record of your entered competitions.

27. Being seriously annoyed by missing a closing date.

28. Filling in all your details only for you to realise the deadline has passed by a day/months or even years!

29. The constant refreshing of your email to see if you’ve won.

30. You have a pen and paper handy to write down television or radio competitions

31. The suspense of seeing a delivery man or postman arriving and hoping he has a parcel with a winning prize for you.

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32. Getting duped into a competition that then requires 20 minutes filling in a questionnaire about your lifestyle and spending habits.

33. You’re loathed to book a holiday too far in advance as there could be a competition to win to the very destination you have your heart set on.

34. You look around you and have boxes full of winning items ready for relatives Christmas and birthday presents.

35. As above, as you have also donated a lot of prizes to charity or have a very lucrative ebay account.

36. You have a habit of rushing meals and snacking whilst in that head down comping zone.

37. Going through a barren patch of no wins making you question your hobby and whether your luck has run finally run out.

38. Seeing the word CONGRATULATIONS! or WINNER! are your favourite words and drives you on to enter more and more.

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39. You enter so many prize draws you often recognise other winners names!

40. You’ve considered/or have a separate email address for your addictive hobby.

41. Having sleepless nights thinking you’ve been disqualified by entering the wrong details or you’ve entered more than once.

42. Getting so into a competition that is causes a sleepless nights dreaming up rhymes and riddles.

43. You’ve scoured pages and pages of websites trying to find a hidden egg in an Easter themed competition or a Christmas cracker in a festive one.

44. Playing a game endlessly in the hope of winning even a packet of chewing gum! You know then you’ve got a problem!

45. Your general knowledge on capital cities and films are especially improved. You have a Wikipedia window open at hand to cross reference your answers.

46. Realising too late you’ve entered an American/Australian competition that doesn’t accept entries from overseas.

47. Putting your business card if you have one in all the pub/club/shop monthly draws.

48. People commenting on how lucky you are…not knowing you actually spend nearly as much time on competitions as a full-time job! You’ve earned your luck!

49. The joy when a website remembers you and your details and all you need to do is press an enter button.

50. Googling your own name to see if it pops up in a winners list somewhere on the internet!

51. Knowing you have won something only for the prize to never turn up!

52. Reading to the bottom of this list hoping you’ve picked up some tips or there’s a possibility of a competition here!


Most of all though ‘Good Luck and Happy Comping’ you never know what might come in the post today!