A collective noun is a word given to a group of things – be it people, animals or objects. Some date back to the 15th century...but the English language is always evolving, so here’s our 10 modern twists. The collective noun – all pimped up for 2015!


1. A TAN of TOWIEs

Those bright-orange reality TV folk of the shire of Essex… Shut up!

2. A TREND of hipsters

Pull on your skinny jeans, grow a big beard and go to a breakfast-cereal bar for your lunch… Cool!

3. A PITCH of Dragons’ Den entrepreneurs

I’m looking for an investment of £1,000,000 for my business selling bits of old rope…

4. A JOURNEY of X Factor contestants

‘Ever since I was born, it’s been my dream to win this! This would mean the world to me, it would change my life forever.’ Wipe back those tears!

5. A KILN of Alan Sugar apprentices

You’re fired! A pottery joke…

6. AFRAID of ghosts

The room goes cold, plates start moving around the table…what can it be? Don’t be scared, it’s only the spooks coming back from the pub to party at your place!

7. A CLUTCH of car mechanics

Sharp intake of breath. ‘The big end’s gone mate… I’m going to have to replace the whole car and it won’t be cheap…’

8. A GRATE of TV chefs

How many celebrity cooks does it take to change a light bulb? Sorry, I mean spoil the broth…

9. ENOUGH of people using their mobile phone loudly

‘Hello darling, I’m on the train… Can we have sausages for dinner?’

10. An ANGST of male singer/songwriters with acoustic guitars

Ooh, I can’t get a girlfriend and I’m still a virgin singing with my eyes closed.


Can you think of any more modern collective nouns? Let us know!