Doesn't time fly?! We can't believe that these films are all 40 years old this year!


1. Rocky

rocky movie posterThe Oscar-winning film that thrust a young Sylvester Stallone into the spotlight is a classic tale of a fight (literally) against the odds. Who can forget the stirring music as no-hoper Robert ‘Rocky’ Balboa ran up those steps to punch the air during his training, before his match against the great Apollo Creed? They don’t make them like that any more! (Oh, hold on… Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V,  Rocky Balboa and Creed… It’s still going strong!)

Did you know?

Sylvester Stallone wrote the script himself – in less than four days!

The studio didn’t want Stallone to star. They preferred Robert Redford, Ryan O’Neal, Burt Reynolds or James Caan.


What did the boxer have engraved on his tombstone?
‘You can stop counting, I’m not getting up!’

What haircut did the boxer ask for?
An upper cut!

2. Carrie

Carrie original poster
The 70s was THE decade when it comes to shock and horror, with Carrie being a prime example. Carrie is a bullied outcast who happens to have telekinetic powers, and she wreaks deadly revenge at her high school prom, before returning home to deal with mother. Enjoy the jump-out-of-your-seat moments, then check the knife drawer is locked…

Did you know?

This was the first Stephen King novel to make it to the big screen.

Directors Brian De Palma and George Lucas held a joint audition for Carrie and Star Wars (which came out a year later). There was a rumour that Sissy Spacek (who played Carrie) was originally cast as Princess Leia!

All those of you with telekinesis raise my hand!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Carrie who?
Carrie the shopping bags inside for me!

3. The Omen

The omen poster
Another shocker, this time with more of a British flavour. After an American diplomat (Gregory Peck) agrees to secretly adopt a baby orphan in Rome, all hell breaks loose when the family return home to the UK. It appears the child – Damien – isn’t all he seems and violent death follows him wherever he goes. Is he the Antichrist? And what’s with the birthmark in the shape of three sixes? That’s one Beast of a child…

Did you know?
The film itself seemed to be cursed. Gregory Peck and screenwriter David Seltzer were on separate planes to the UK that were both struck by lightning. Later, Peck cancelled another flight at the last minute – the private jet then crashed, killing all on board.

There were many reshoots of Peck in close-ups – seems the actor objected to being seen with a double chin!


What do you call it when devils go on a protest march?
A demon-stration!

Why did the exorcist read the small print carefully?
Because the devil’s in the detail!

4. Taxi Driver

taxi driver poster
‘You talkin’ to me?’ That Travis Bickle line is instantly recognisable, even if you’ve never seen what is considered one of the greatest films of all time. Bickle (Robert De Niro) is a depressed, psychotic ex-Marine who’s disgusted by all the sleaze around him in New York City. Unfortunately, he goes looking for answers armed to the teeth. Think I’ll take the bus instead…

Did you know?
Jodie Foster (who played a 12-year-old prostitute) was also only 12 at the time of shooting, so her older sister had to be her body double for the explicit scenes.

Director Martin Scorsese originally offered the role of Bickle to Dustin Hoffman. Alan Alda was also considered.


Who makes a living driving customers away?
A taxi driver!

What do you call an Uber full of potatoes?
A Tuber!

5. A Star is Born

a star is born poster

A story so good they made is thrice (1937, 1954 and 1976)! In this 70s version, we follow a budding star (Barbra Streisand) as she falls in love with a superstar (Kris Kristofferson), then eclipses his fame, which leads to his self-destruction. Although the film was one of the highest grossers of the year, it wasn’t that well received by reviewers. It does, however, boast the classic song Evergreen, which won an Oscar.

Did you know?

Did we say three times? A fourth version of the film is due out next year, starring Bradley Cooper and… Lady Gaga!

Kristofferson wasn’t too complimentary about his leading lady, saying, ‘Filming with Streisand may have cured me of the movies.’


How many superstars does it take to change a light bulb?
One. She holds the bulb and the world revolves around her!

Why did the singing star ring the doorbell?
He couldn’t find the key!

6. The Man Who Fell To Earth

man who fell to earth poster
The late, great David Bowie gave it his all in this cool British sci-fi that could have been written about his Ziggy Stardust persona. It’s the story of an alien who comes to earth looking to find an answer to his own planet’s drought, only to be caught up in the machinations of big business. Ahhh, there’ll never be anyone else like the brilliant Thin White Duke…

Did you know?
The character of Bryce (played by Rip Torn) walks past a display in the record shop for David Bowie’s album ‘Young Americans’.

Mick Jagger and Robert Redford are said to be two of the actors also considered for the lead role.

What’s an alien’s favourite part of the keyboard?
The space bar!

What do you get when you cross a spaceship with a magician?
A flying sorceror!

7. King Kong

king kong poster

A remake of the 1933 classic was always going to be a tall order, but this wasn’t half bad. Starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange (in her first film role), it tells the story of… well, everyone knows the story, we just want to see the big ape!

Did you know?

Instead of the Empire State Building, this Kong climbed the World Trade Center. Employees of the Empire State were so upset, they protested by going up to the top of the Twin Towers dressed in monkey suits.

The 40-foot mechanical beast is the largest ever created for a film. It cost a total of $1.7 million to build and operate.


What do you get if King Kong sits on your best friend?
A flat mate!

Where does King Kong sleep?
Anywhere he wants to!