Remember what was important to you as a kid? You know you are a child of the 80s when these things ruled your world.


1. Music was everything



With our boom boxes and Walkmans we had our fave bands playing in our ears nonstop! From Duran Duran to Wham, 80s pop music was the soundtrack to our early lives.


2. Stock Aitken & Waterman

80s things that ruled our world
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Remember how powerful this hits factory was? These guys were responsible for the success of awesome 80s acts like Bananarama, Sonia and Kylie. The 80s just wouldn’t have been the 80s without them!


3. Our idols were perfect

child of the 80sOur 80s icons were a new breed of celebrity to look up to. They were impossibly cool and we just couldn’t take our eyes off them.


4. Fashion was fun

80s fashion


Bright neons and character jumpers made our first foray into the world of fashion fantastic. With shops like C&A we could pick our own 80s fashion trends to follow, and we loved it!


5.  Kids TV was the best


Remember how great 80s TV was?  The programmes made just for us were brilliant. Oh for the days of Button Moon and He-Man!


6. Ceefax and Teletext were our internet

iStockphoto / PA Photos

iStockphoto / PA Photos

There was life before the internet! Ceefax and Teletext through our TVs was the 80s way to be clued up on news and events.


7. Getting new music wasn’t easy

80s music


You couldn’t just download the songs you wanted in one easy click. You had two choices, save up your pocket money to buy that single you wanted, or attempt to record it off the radio without the DJ talking over the song. You lost hours of your life sitting by the radio pressing record and rewind, but ultimately it made getting that hit all the more satisfying.


8. Our rooms were amazing

80s bedroom


Our bedrooms were where we could really express ourselves. All of our 80s bedrooms were awash with Athena posters, magazines and mix tapes and they were a joy to behold!


9. We were mini consumers

80s toys my little pony

80s toys were marketed to us directly through adverts and tie-ins with TV programmes. How could any child of the 80s not want a Transformer or My Little Pony of their very own? We embraced our new roles as mini consumers and nagged our parents for everything.


10. Films were our window to the world

80s idols

We were obsessed with films! From Pretty in Pink to Back to the Future, we wanted to watch 80s films again and again. Still do!


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