You'll be surprised by which rich and famous folk support our football teams. We'd heard about quite a few obvious ones such as Robbie Williams and Port Vale, Louis Tomlinson and Doncaster Rovers, and Elton John and Watford, but check out this lesser-known list...

Queen Elizabeth ll – Arsenal

Yup, allegedly Her Maj looks out religiously for the Gunners results…

…woe betide they lose, heads will roll.

Tom Hanks and Prince William – Aston Villa

Their name sounded ‘quaint’ to Tom apparently. How quaint is this year’s position in the table! (Rock bottom.)

…and I imagine all hell breaks loose in Buckingham Palace when the Queens Arse play Willy’s Villa.


Seth Rogan – Bournemouth

Picked out of a bag of 92 clubs at random! So a truer fan you’ll never meet!? ‘I have heard they are awesome!’ he said.

Cameron Diaz – Brentford

She’s not alone apparently. Others include Drew Barrymore and – this is the big one – Dean Gaffney! All are frequent visitors to Griffin Park. Equally as famous for having a pub on every corner of the stadium.

Justin Bieber, Charlize Theron and Cara Delevingne – Chelsea

Well JB was seen in a Chelsea shirt…so that counts, right!?

Russell Crowe – Leeds

A life-time supporter of the Yorkshire club, fans wanted him to invest… Watch this space if he gets tempted.

Daniel Craig, Kim Cattrall and John Lithgow – Liverpool

Cattrall was born in Liverpool so can’t be accused of glory supporting. Craig…well, he’s Bond so he can do what he likes, and Lithgow was in Footloose which sounds like foot and lose…typical Liverpool of late! (Badum, tish!)


Dame Judi Dench and Sir John Hurt – Everton

Over the other side of Stanley Park, Dame Judi and Sir John…esteemed fans only here, please! Oh, and Sly Stallone.

Patrick Stewart – Huddersfield Town

The lifelong thesp supports the Terriors with gusto from here and to beyond.

Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus and Usain Bolt – Manchester United

(See Bieber) They’ve worn a shirt once,so it must be true.

Jean-Christophe Novelli and Bob Mortimer – Middlesbrough

Novelli very friendly with Christian Karembeu the then French international and Middlesbro’ player, he still cites the Boro as his team without any French contingent at present.

Hugh Jackman and Stephen Fry – Norwich City

Delia Smith part-owns the club but theres a glitterati of celeb fans down Carrow Road. Unsurprisingly, the catering doesn’t disappoint – if you’re ever there, indulge in a mint and lamb pie!

Brian Cox – Oldham

He can see it in the stars…well, Boundary Park is the second-highest football ground in England.

Mike Tyson – Peterborough United

A bizarre one this. More famous for biting off ears than his exciting association with The Posh.


JK Rowling – Spurs

She could do with using some of Potter’s magic powers to push Spurs to the top.

Kate Adie and Neil Tennant – Sunderland

Kate Adie has seen some terrible scenes in her career but I wonder if seeing Sunderland perform this season is the worst?

Barack Obama – West Ham

The Hammers have many a famous fan but none can beat this one, surely!

Goran Ivanisevic – West Brom

The Baggies’ most-famous fan is probably Frank Skinner, but who knew a Wimbledon champion, er, champions the Albion?!



Mikhail Gorbachev – Wigan Athletic

High-powered leaders seem to like the footy, don’t they? I wonder who Stalin and Fidel Castro supported/supports?… OK, I’m just rambling now…

Timmy Mallett – Oxford United

Well, when I saw him in 1982, he was wearing bright-yellow trousers so seems perfect fit since the Us play in yellow! ‘Say bleughhhhhh!’