More and more famous faces are showing up on the small screen, trying to sell us stuff. We've chosen the star-studded adverts from over the years that we love the most, and given you the chance to view them for yourselves!


1. Macaulay Culkin: Compare The Market

We’ve aleady seen Arnold Scwarzenegger and Nicole Kidman hanging out with the Meekats, now it’s the turn of Macaulay. The former child star, now 35, stars alongside Aleksandr and Sergei. They’re surprised at the size of him and take Mac on a typical kid’s day out at the fair. We see him on a bouncy castle, having ice-cream wiped from his mouth with a tissue and with his face painted as a tiger. Of course it all ends at the movies with his new pals using their 2-for-1 Meerkat Movie tickets.

2. Harvey Keitel: Direct Line Insurance

Harvey Keitel has made a series of ads across Direct Line’s different insurance services. In each one, he has an air of menace, except with these hen-do ladies who’ve been the victims of a crash. He saves his tough-guy act for the posh boys who are to blame. And he doesn’t even blush when he sees the risqué blow-up boy doll in the boot!

3. Helen Mirren: L’Oréal

Helen actually worked with Harvey Keitel in National Treasure: Book of Secrets back in 2007. And we consider Ms Mirren to be a national treasure in every sense of the phrase – she played the Queen for goodness sake! And here she is in L’Oréal’s The Perfect Age campaign, regally telling us she’s worth it!

4. Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno

Another gorgeous lady helping us look our best, is Jennifer Aniston. She’s been using Positively Radiant (she’s always been positively radiant to us, btw!) and challenges us mere mortals to give it a go, saying, ‘Try using the product for a month and then go ahead and try to spot a spot!’ ‘Spotting’ Jen in her ad is just a click away…

5. Alec Baldwin: BT Mobile

Actor Alec Baldwin sends himself up in this BT advert by talking about his dramatic delivery, while woodenly saying his lines. Alec is a very funny actor, which he shows to great effect…

6. Ryan Reynolds: BT Smart Hub

BT have certainly put their hand in their pocket lately, as well as Alec, they’ve also got Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds demonstrating the reach of the new BT Smart Hub, which sees him take hanging from a plane for much of the ad.

7. Maureen Lipman and Richard Wilson: British Telecom

Staying with BT (who do love using big names), way back when BT was known as British Telecom comes this classic ad featuring two of our favourite actors. Maureen Lipman played Beattie in a series of ads, and in this one she was calling the shop ahead of her visit to ensure they had what she wanted in the right size and colour. After many enquiries, an exasperated Richard Wilson as the shopkeeper explains that they have ‘all of the sizes in all of the colours!’.

8. Mo Farah: Quorn

Super Olympian Mo has been telling us for a couple of years about the health benefits of Quorn. And judging by his outstanding performances earlier this year in Rio, he might just be onto something! Go Mo!

9. Peter Kay: John Smith’s

Talking of sports (well, not really)! This time, it’s Peter Kay with his accomplished skill which is referred to in this hilarious ad as: Top Bombing’!

10. Mr Bean: Snickers

A bumbling Mr Bean demonstrates that you’re not Kung Fu when you’re hungry, and you need to get some nuts!

11. Joan Collins Snickers

They’re so cool, we’re sticking with Snickers for our next ad. This is set in a men’s changing room and Dan, one of the players is having a diva moment and has taken the form of the glamorous Joanie! All he needs to return to normal is the same snack  as Mr Bean!

12. Anna Chancellor: Boddingtons

Before being dumped twice by Hugh Grant in Four Weddings And A Funeral and being known as ‘Duckface’ forever more, stunning Anna was Boddingtons’ beer girl, Gladys Althorpe. In this classy-looking advert, a spoof of the Cornetto ad, she whips the beer of a handsome man, slurps it and says with a strong regional accent: ‘By ‘eck, that’s gorgeous!’

13. Griff Rhys Jones: Holsten Pils

A clever series of ads for Holsten Pils back in the 80s, spliced comic Griff Rhys Jones into some of our favourite classic films. In this one, he pops up with the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe in the brilliant Some Like It Hot and the result was both authentic-looking and charming.


Which stars would you love to see on a TV advert?