They're called 'earworm's ' - those tunes that, as Kylie said: 'Just can't get you out of my head!' So here they are, the catchiest songs of all time.


1. Cheerleader, ­ OMI


2. All About The Bass, ­ Meghan Trainor


3. Wannabe, ­ Spice Girls


4. What Makes You Beautiful, ­ One Direction


5. Eye of the Tiger, ­ Survivor


6. Happy, ­ Pharrell Williams


7. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), ­ The Proclaimers


8. Billie Jean, ­ Michael Jackson


9. Karma Chameleon, ­ Culture Club


10. Call Me Maybe, ­ Carley Rae Jepsen

This list, compiled for, has come up with the 50 songs most likely to get in your head. Narrowly missing the top 10 were Barbie Doll by Aqua, Mickey by Tony Basil and Yellow Subamarine by the Beatles!


What’s your worst/best ‘earworm’ tune?