Love it or hate it, Broadchurch had us on the edge of our sofas, but do you remember these other gripping telly whodunnits?


As Broadchurch showed, we all love nothing better than a good old whodunnit, where fingers are pointed, accusations fly and suspects are whittled down.

Here we revisit some of TV’s other thrilling whodunnits that have kept us guessing over the years.

1. Who shot JR?

In 1980, there was only one question on anyone’s lips, Who shot J.R.?

Dallas followed the trials and tribulations of wealthy oil barons, the Ewings. J.R., played by Larry Hagman, was the ultimate baddie and this whodunnit is surely the biggest cliffhanger of them all!

It even impacted on the 1980 US presidential election, with Democratic incumbent Jimmy Carter, joking that he’d have no problem funding his campaign if he only knew who shot J.R.!











2. Who killed Lucy Beale?

EastEnders fans were engrossed by one of the soap’s longest running murder mysteries. When Lucy Beale was murdered in one of the BBC One soap’s biggest plot lines, the finger of suspicion was cast on many of Albert Square’s residents.

However, the killer’s true identity was finally revealed during EastEnders’ 30th anniversary week of live episodes in February this year. Talk about tense!









3. Who murdered Laura Palmer?

David Lynch’s unsettling, surreal but critically successful Twin Peaks was must-see TV in the 90s and quickly attained cult viewing status in the UK.

The FBI investigation into the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer lifted the lid on American small town likeability and revealed a much darker, sometimes supernatural underbelly.

In the final episode, Laura’s killer was identified as Leland Palmer, Laura’s dad, but this was Twin Peaks and things were never quite that straightforward!











4. Who shot Phil Mitchell?

In 2001, one of EastEnders’ most highly anticipated storylines aired. One of the show’s longest running characters, Phil Mitchell was gunned down outside his house by an unknown assailant.  For weeks, viewers were kept guessing in this Dallas-style whodunnit.

Around the country, thousands of bets were placed as to the identity of Phil’s assassin and the BBC employed private security teams to protect their secret after a writer’s laptop was stolen. On April 6, 22 million viewers tuned in to find out that Lisa Shaw, Phil’s ex, was the culprit.