America, land of the free... and the dodgy-sounding museum! To be fair, we've not visited them, but we're pretty sure these attractions are more interesting than they might at first appear


1. Antique Washing Machine Museum, Colorado

Woman in washing machine


Now let’s get one thing straight – it’s bad enough we have to use the things, but we’re not about to spend hours traipsing round looking at 1,400 different machines. Then again, it does get 5 stars on TripAdvisor so maybe it is sud-sational, after all!


2. Lunchbox Museum, Georgia

lunchbox lady


It sounds a sandwich short of a lunchbox, this one, but actually, the metal boxes on display here actually look pretty cool, and an early Superman design can fetch over $10,000.


3. The Mooseum, Alabama

cowgirl - not blue


If you’ve always been desperate to learn more about the Alabama beef cattle industry, then this is the place to meat! Join the 10,000 annual visitors who come here to talk all things beef. You can even dress up as a cowgirl or cowboy. Who said American museums were boring… Yee-ha!


4. Hammer Museum, Alaska

Hammer time


‘You have to see it to believe it!’ That’s what Norm and Leslie of Florida have written in the visitors’ book, and who are we to doubt them? There are 1,500 hammers on display in ‘the world’s first museum dedicated to preserving the history of man’s first tool’. And if that doesn’t hit the nail on the head, how about the 20ft hammer statue out front?


5. Museum of Funeral Customs, Illinois

Funeral blues


If only this were still alive and kicking, but alas it shut shop in 2009, due to poor attendance. We can’t think why… If the embalming room and collection of postmortem photos didn’t liven you up, there was always the gift shop where you could buy coffin-shaped keychains and chocolates. RIP.


6. Barbed Wire Museum, Kansas

Barbed wire kisses


According to the good folk at this museum, the Wild West was not settled by the six-gun, but by the introduction of barbed wire – and let’s face it, they should know. With 2,400 barbed wire exhibits and the Barbed Wire Hall of Fame, you can do more than just scratch the surface.


7. Potato Museum, Idaho

Love spuds


Now this does sound right up our alley. Spuds, spuds and more spuds. From the giant baked potato sculpture out front to the original potato planted in Idaho, from the Potato Hall of Fame to the largest potato crisp made by Pringles, this has got the lot.


8. Lock Museum of America, Connecticut

Lock in


Their mission is ‘to preserve and promote the mechanical craftsmanship and history of lock making’; a lofty ideal and one we’re sure they live up to. The Eagle Lock Room features 1,000 locks from 100 years of lock making, while the Yale Room has a 4,000-year-old Egyptian lock. They’ve got locks licked.


Got a favourite mad museum? Comment below…