It was never part of the plan growing up, to still be living with parents as an adult. But if you haven’t quite got to that moving out stage yet, or have had to move back home, living with Mum and Dad can feel like a real bummer. But surely it’s not all bad. Here are the good, the bad, and the utterly mortifying things about still living with parents…


Let’s start with the worst…

1. They’re always phoning to check up on you. On a night out with pals, you can expect at least three calls past midnight asking where you are, and how long you’ll be. And if you don’t pick up, they’re sure to leave you a panic-stricken voicemail asking if you’ve been kidnapped and to phone home immediately.

2. You’re not safe in your bedroom. Even being an adult doesn’t qualify having a lock on your bedroom door. They tell you it’s for ‘fire safety’, but you know it’s because they just want to burst in on you without warning.

3. You’re put off from bringing friends or a date home. Unless you fancy sitting with Mum and Dad in the living room to watch Corrie. Plus, you actually have to ask their permission if you want to invite someone over. It’s hardly worth the bother.

4. They nag you to clean. You look forward to that day when you can leave a dirty mug on the kitchen side, without feeling like you’ve committed a crime.



5. You lose control of the TV remote. You might be in the middle of an episode of Friends, but that matters very little when your dad wants to watch the football. His house, his rules.

6. After a night out, Mum will always be awake waiting for you. It’s as though she’s been sitting up waiting to hear your key turn in the lock.

7. You can say goodbye to privacy. You know that as soon as you leave for work in the morning, they’re probably having a snoop around your room. Mum claims she was just tidying up, but you know a nosy parker when you see one.

8. Their judgmental looks of disappointment still leave you feeling about 5 years old. If you swear, burp, or come home drunk and wake them up, you get ‘the look’, and even as an adult, it’s still terrifying!



9. If you sleep in, or want to spend the day in your pyjamas, you can expect a lecture about how you’re wasting you life. Seriously? We just want one day to chill!

10. It’s really awkward in social situations when you tell people you still live at home. How do you fill that deadly silence…


But it’s not all bad…

11. Rent at Mum and Dad’s is cheap. They hardly charge you anything, or if you’re really lucky, nothing at all! They just want you to save your money and make something of yourself.

12. Home cooked meals are the best. A dinner on the table every night is one of the benefits of living with your parents. No microwave meals for one, or trying to rustle something up with the measly few items in your fridge.



13. You get woken up to the smell of cooked breakfasts. The best kind of alarm!

14. The fridge and cupboards are always full, so you actually have a choice on what to snack on. Instead of just one type of biscuit, there’s custard creams, chocolate digestives AND rich teas!



15. Your washing gets done for you. Your blouses and dresses have never felt so fresh and wrinkle free.

16. Whatever you need, Mum and Dad will have it. Plasters, paracetemol, cotton buds – all the things you wouldn’t think of buying yourself.

17. They’re always there to fix things. If you’ve got a stain in your top, chances are, Mum can get it out with a miracle solution. Or if you break something, Dad’s on hand with his tool box to repair it

18. If you’re ill, you’ll get all the attention you crave. Homemade soups, cups of tea and as much chocolate as you like. You’re still their baby and they hate seeing you suffer.



19. Having knowledge, advice and wisdom on tap. Mum and Dad are always there to listen to your problems and point you in the right direction. All while making you cups of tea and plying you with cake.

20. They’ve put a roof over your head, fed you and looked after you, well beyond the years of their call of duty. And for that, you’ll always be grateful!