Sweetie, darling. We're so excited about the release of the much-anticipated Absolutely Fabulous film this summer. Eddy and Patsy are back, and bolder than ever! To celebrate the return of the absolutely awesome duo, we've compiled 16 of the best Ab Fab quotes of all time...

1. Patsy in conversation with Eddy

Absolutely Fabulous


2. A cutting Eddy one liner

Absolutely Fabulous


3. Classic Patsy

Rex Features


4. Eddy on her ‘weight’ problem

Absolutely Fabulous



5. Eddy about long-suffering daughter Saffy


6. Patsy to Saffy (obvs!)

Absolutely Fabulous


7. Eddy on her weight (again!)



8. Patsy to Saffy when she accuses her of gatecrashing her mother’s life

Absolutely Fabulous


9. Patsy about Eddy’s old friend Bettina


10. Patsy Stone speaks. Because she can.


11. Patsy about Saffy. Tactful as ever!

Absolutely Fabulous



12. Say it like it is, Patsy!


13. Eddy: ‘Couple of weeks, I’ll be bendy like Madonna, darling. Then I’ll be able to kiss my own arse from both directions.’


14. Eddy’s never-changing weight issues


15. Eddy on being middle-aged…


16. Patsy making her love of alcohol quite clear!


And now check out the trailer for the new movie…