As all mums know, babies come with a whole heap of stuff. But check out these strange products! Would you give them a try? Ah, well, if nothing else, they're good for a giggle!


1. Baby mop

Got a crawling baby? Got laminate floors? This is the product for you! As your little one explores, your cleaning gets done. That’s what we call sweeping like a baby…


2. Baby butt fan

Infant Breeze

Infant Breeze

Does what it says on the tin! This gentle drier is designed to swiftly air-dry your baby’s bottom after a change to combat nappy rash. Genius!


3. Baby high heels

You what?! But these gag gifts aren’t as mad as they sound. This baby product is designed to be worn by tots before they can walk, the heel is soft and squishy and we’re told they’re comfy. Their manufacturers say they’re only designed to raise a smile.


4. Snotsucker

Yuck! But while it sounds gross, this nifty tube is definitely handy. A bunged-up babe can’t blow her nose or breastfeed. The Snotsucker clears things up! Pop it in your mouth and slurp – if you dare…


5. iPotty

CTA Digital

CTA Digital

Ever fiddle with your phone or tablet when on the loo? (Come on, own up!) Now potty-training tots can do the same! One of the most techy baby products available, the iPotty even comes with a cover to protect your device from ‘messy accidents’ during use. Sounds wise!


6. Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs

For the girl who has everything…except hair! Baby Bangs is a hair band with a fake fringe attached, for follically-challenged little princesses.


7. Baby perfume



OK, so babies have a reputation of being a bit stinky at times, but isn’t baby perfume taking it too far? Kaloo Parfums d’enfants is made from alcohol-free scented water, and clinically tested to be safe from birth.


8. Gyro Bowl

It might not look much like a bowl, but it could just be the saviour of your carpets. Gyro Bowl’s anti-spill technology looks like it will stop even the most determined mucky pup! Look at it go!


9. Daddle

What does every dad need? A saddle! Perfect for a game of cowboys, where poor old Pa is left playing the horse. It’s tons of fun, as this happy family shows. Yeeha!

What couldn’t you do without when your littl’un was young? Let us know in the Comment box below…