What are the bare necessities of life? Clean water and a roof over your head? Er, no..! Make that Broadband, the gogglebox and a cuppa!


Apparently more and more folk in the UK can’t afford the basics in life – pretty shocking, pretty depressing…

But it got us thinking – what ARE the bare necessities of life… What are those vital things you really couldn’t live without? You’d be surprised!

Researchers recently asked 2,000 Brits aged between 18 and 65 what their bare necessities are…

And the results are in…

1. Internet connection

2. Television

3. A cuddle

4. A trustworthy best friend

5. Daily shower

6. Central heating

7. Cup of tea

8. An ‘I love you’ every now and then

9. A solid marriage

10. Car

11. Spectacles

12. Coffee

13. Chocolate

14. Night in on the sofa

15. Glass of wine

16. A good cry every now and then

17. A full English breakfast

18. A foreign holiday once a year

19. iPhone

20. A pint

Women v men

While women place cuddles as top of their list, fellas are firmly fixated on the telly. Ladies also rank chocolate, a best friend, the heating and a cup of tea as high priority.

For blokes, it’s all about a full fry-up, football and sausages. And while one-third of boys can’t live without a pint of beer, only 7 per cent of women agree.

And the saddest news of all…

86% of people agree we all overlook the essential things in life such as love and friendship in favour of material things.

So what do you think? We asked you on Facebook and your undisputed number-1 bare necessity is:


Bare necessities: family


…though others include: cats, fags, Pepsi Max, toilet roll, phone charger, e-cig, hair-straighteners, peace on Earth, the Lottery, a parrot and angina spray!


What’re your bare necessities? Let us know in the comments.