Fretting over your baked goods? This is what happens when baking goes bad…
Really, really bad...


1. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man, bake me a…

 baby cake

Cake Wrecks

Nothing gets the taste buds going like a baby baked in a cake. Yum!


2. A mammoth bake

mammoth cake

Cake Wrecks

Nelly the, uhhh…elephant..?


3. Wel dun!

 misspelt congratulations cake

Cake Wrecks



4. Lord help us…

 Jesus and dinosaur cake

Cake Wrecks

Cakes can have a spiritual side, too. So here’s Jesus cuddling a baby dinosaur. Aww.


5. Please can you write…

Cake disasters: with sprinkles cake

Cake Wrecks

L-Hyphen-A must’ve been totally made up when she saw her birthday cake (with sprinkles).


6. At last…

cake disasters: sarcastic congratulations cake

Cake Wrecks

There’s nothing like a parent’s love and support.


7. In it for the long haul

cake disasters: deadly wedding cake

Cake Wrecks

This couple took their wedding vows really seriously.


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