Let’s be honest, being a woman is awesome. Not only do we get to enjoy a varied wardrobe and fancy hair dos, a simple dash of make-up can hide a multitude of sins. But even the best of us have bad days. Here are the top 16 awkward moments only us women will understand…


1. Killer heels

We might make it look easy but sometimes walking in heels is tough. Falling over in public is mortifying. Worse, we make it 10 times more awkward by scrambling up and carrying on as though nothing has happened.

2. See-through clothes

It’s happened to the best of us. Having a friend or colleague point out that our underwear is clearly visible through our clothing. And it always seems to happen when we’re wearing our worst, tackiest undergarments. Cringe!

3. Forgetting to shave

We’ve all had days when we’ve pulled on a strappy top and dashed out the house only to remember that eek! we’ve not shaved our pits in weeks. Cue standing with our arms firmly by our sides, all day.



4. Panda eyes

Rubbing our eyes and forgetting we’ve got eye-liner on.

5. Stalker alert

When we’re stalking someone on Facebook and accidentally like one of their pictures from years ago. Oh the shame! Undo! Undo! Undo!!!

 6. Sun, sea and shame

The awkward moment on holiday when we hate ourselves for not trying on new bikini sets before packing them. Ill-fitting bikini bottoms don’t look good on anyone, especially when they create the dreaded camel toe.

7. Time of the month

Even for the most organised of women, sometimes our monthly visitor can catch us off guard. And there is nothing more humiliating than having to ask colleagues, or worse, strangers, if they have a spare sanitary product. Still it’s either that or the shame of having to buy a tampon from a vending machine.



8. Lipgloss, wind, hair

Need we say more. Why do gale force winds always blow just as we apply lipgloss. Our battle with hair and sticky lips is beyond embarrassing when we’re trying our best to look chic.

9. Giant in heels

Wearing heels and meeting up with friends to find they’re all in flats. We couldn’t feel more gigantic if we tried.

10. The dreaded PAP smear

We’ve all been there, had to make small talk with the nurse while they’re performing our PAP smear test. And we can never seem to get close enough to the edge of the bed. The ‘a bit further, just a little bit further,’ gets more awkward every time.



11. Lipstick on the teeth

As much as we love a bit of lippy, we also fear it. Nothing has us blushing with embarrassment quicker, then when the person we’re speaking to suddenly glances at our teeth.

12. Holey moley

When we’re wearing tights and spot a hole or a ladder, cringe, we feel such a tramp! Unless we can dash into a store to buy another pair, we’re forced to walk around with an unsightly hole or ladder. And we just know everyone is judging us too.

13. Wearing the same dress

When we go out with friends and spot someone wearing the exact same thing as us, we just want curl up and die with embarrassment. It doesn’t help if they’re wearing it better too.



14. Date disaster

When the bill comes on a first date, we cringe inside about what to do. Should we offer to pay? Should we just let our date pick it up? What if they expect us to pay the lot? Before we know it, there’s an awkward moment, a deadly silence as we battle with our inner thoughts.

15. Forgetting to shave…again!

When getting frisky in the bedroom and remembering we’ve not shaved our legs, we face the awkward battle of batting wandering hands away from our pins.



16. And finally…Bra-fittings!

When a shop assistant is measuring our boobs for a bra, we never know where to look. If we look into their eyes, that’s a bit creepy. But we look down, they might think we’re checking out their cleavage. Awkward!