After blossoming in Byker Grove, the Geordie duo gave us the 90s cheesy pop classic Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble before making Saturday morning telly worth getting out of bed for. Now, they're the indisputable kings of prime time, bringing us laughs every step of the way. Here we remember Ant and Dec’s funniest ever TV moments…

1. ‘OOH BYKER!’ Ahh, let’s start where it all began. At the time, viewers were gripped by the drama, now, well, the lads’ *ahem* ‘blinding’ acting can’t help but bring a smile to your face! ‘He can’t seeeee!’


2. SM:TV Live delivered guaranteed Saturday morning giggles. Even the letters segment brought unexpected hysteria. As a young viewer indignantly describes how his dad did ‘eggy pumps’ in the biscuit tin, Ant and Dec’s puerile laughter is infectious. You couldn’t write it!


3. Weekly screenings of the Pokemon cartoon sparked the ‘Pokefight’ skit. On one occasion Westlife’s Bryan McFadden became the centre of a performance by Dec playing a screeching, hormonally overcharged teen female. The results were priceless. ‘BRYYYYYAAAANNNNN!!!… HE WINKED AT US!’


4. Not to mention #Wonkey Donkey…Wonkey Donkey!# (You know you’re singing it!) Dec’s undisguised scorn at the idiocy of the nervous young callers was must-see TV. The simple premise was lost on some. It’s gotta RHYME!!!


5. Still with SM:TV, no list of Ant and Dec’s funniest ever TV moments would be complete without Chums. Dec and Cat’s love story had the nation gripped as we chewed our cornflakes. The ‘Friends’ sitcom parody packed in celebrity guests to indulge in ludicrous plotlines and got away with risky innuendo on morning telly. In this clip there’s Mariah Carey packing a punch, Frank Skinner as a stripping vicar and even though they’re not ‘all alone in the flat’, Cat and Dec finally kiss!


6. Now, 15 series in, it’s Ant and Dec’s celebrity mickey taking that makes I’m A Celebrity so watchable. The ‘bush tucker trials’ can be cruel but any tension is diffused by Ant and Dec’s sympathetic sniggering. It’s a tough call between former royal servant Paul Burrell’s hysterical screeching during ‘Hell Holes’ or the live terror of EastEnders’ Dean Gaffney being given a creepy shampoo and crawly conditioner. Brave is the celeb who resists screaming ‘Get me out of hereeeeee!’ but the results are hilarious either way.



7. With Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, the lads have made ‘hidden camera’ trickery their own. This particular instalment of Undercover, where the boys managed to fool Simon Cowell as he filmed American Idol, was particularly rib-tickling… How did Cowell fall for those dodgy disguises?


8. As presenters on Britain’s Got Talent they’ve witnessed memorable moments but, in this clip, Ant and Dec prove they don’t mind being the butt of the joke…When it’s revealed what this bonkers auditionee is drawing on his rump, Ant’s reaction is priceless!


9. Saturday Night Takeaway’s ‘The End of the Show Show’ is always a giggle but this was an utter showstopper! A reprised routine of their 1994 no.9 single saw Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble shoot to the no.1 spot. The gobsmacked lads were humbled by the nation’s reaction and donated the profits to charity. N’awww.


10. Lastly, rounding off Ant and Dec’s funniest ever TV moments… Celebrity Juice deserves a mention! Unlike most TV appearances from the loveable Geordie duo, clips from Celebrity Juice are too lewd to publish! Suffice it to say, Keith Lemon forced the lads to make a real boob of themselves… As poor Ant and Dec unwittingly got to grips with the naked chef, we were howling with laughter. ‘What’s your name?’ a flushed Ant politely asked, after. Bless!


When the boys braved a reappearance on the show, the outrageous theme continued… Never ask Dec if he fancies a go in a motorboat! ROTFL.



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