Call it Sod's Law or just plain annoying, but don't you just hate it when one of these things happen (and we guarantee they will!)?


Strange things…



1. Out shopping, you ask an assistant for size 7 shoes. She goes to check, then tells you the biggest pair they have are a size 4. Why offer that information? They won’t fit. Ever!

2. You check into a B&B and there’s always a burn mark in the shape of an iron on the carpet. Why place an iron face down (not to mention, on the carpet?!) Stand it up!

3. At the cash machine, there’s always a receipt sticking out. During the transaction, you have the option to get Cash Only. Why not go for that instead of leaving your receipt there, you weirdo?!

4. How come leads on electrical equipment like phones, computer mouses and irons always get so twisted? Certainly sends us loopy!

5. Why do hairdressers care if you’re going on holiday? Is it because they’ll be glad you’re leaving the country once they’ve finished with your barnet?


Annoying things…



6. People who put empty milk cartons back in the fridge. Nothing is more enraging when you’re gasping for a cup of tea! Hands up who does that, you very, very naughty people!

7.  You’re heading towards a pedestrian crossing. Ooh good, people are waiting! So why hasn’t one of them pushed the damned button to make the lights change?!

8. After a few drinks in the boozer, you need a pee. The boys in your group have gone and been back in seconds. Not so you. You have to follow a sign and climb two flights of narrow stairs up to the Ladies, and then queue…for ages! What’s that, you’re hoping there’s some loo roll left? *Cue hysterical laughter*


And just plain Sod’s law!



9. Great. You get to the stop and the bus is coming. But it’s going to a different destination or is Out Of Service. The one you want will come… in 40 minutes time.

10. Goes without saying, you never bump into an ex when you’re looking hot! But when you’ve got a huge pimple, are having a fat day, and your hair’s been pulled into a fraying scrunchie? Yep, we guarantee you’ll see ’em!

11. A group of you go out to dinner and all order food. They get what they want, but they’ve run out when they come to you. You choose something else, and watch a couple of your pals really enjoying the meal you wanted! Certainly looks a lot better than what’s on your plate.

12. A train is on its way into the station and you have to be on it. But you discover the platform you need to board it involves taking the stairs to get to the other side. Basically, you’ve missed it…