Though they may look alien, these weird places are all right here in the UK!

1. Dinosaur Egg Beach, Porth Nanven, Cornwallimage of dinasour egg beach

If you visit Porth Nanven on the Cornish coast, don’t be alarmed if you stumble across what looks like a dinosaur egg or two. These huge, smooth egg-like stones are now legally protected by the National Trust.


2. Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire

image of Brimham rocks in yorkshire

For some weird and wonderful rock formations that seem to defy the laws of gravity, head to Brimham Rocks in Harrogate, Yorkshire. With names like The Eagle and The Dancing Bear, they’ve been created over centuries of exposure to the elements.


3. Eden Project, Cornwall

image of eden project in cornwall

Looking like a village on Mars, these  hexagonal bio-domes of The Eden Project were opened in 2003. The giant greenhouses are home to plants from all over the world.


4. Fingal’s Cave, Southern Hebrides

image of fingal's cave

You’ll find this amazing, eerie cave on the Isle of Staffa, one of the smallest islands of the Southern Hebrides. Unless the sea is very calm, you can’t enter Fingal’s Cave by boat, though you can get to it on foot.


5. Giant’s Causeway, Antrim

image of giant's causeway

Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the columns of black balsalt that make up the Giant’s Causeway was formed by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago.


6. Gough’s Cave, Somerset

image of goughs cave, somerset

The formation of Gough’s Cave began 500,000 years ago when water started dissolving the limestone rock, decorating the cave with dramatic stalactites and stalagmites and reflective pools. Cheddar cheese is still matured in Gough’s Cave, just as it was 100 years ago, making it the only authentic cave-matured Cheddar cheese in the world.


7. Ladram Bay, Devon

image of ladram bay, devon

The sea stacks of Ladram Bay rise straight up out of the water, but it’s the redness of the rock that gives them a Mars-like quality, especially impressive as the sun sets.


8. Painshill Park Grotto, Surrey

image of painshill park grotto

Though this mystical looking grotto cold be straight out of the pages of a fantasy novel, hundreds of thousands of crystals including calcite, gypsum, quartz, and fluorite have been used to re-create this extraordinary folly, which dates back to 1760.


9. Redsands Maunsell Forts, Kent

image of resdands-maunsell forts

Just off the coast of Whistable in Kent, these impressive War of the Worlds type structures were orignally used in the Second World War as a form of defence. Built in 1942, they were decommissioned  – and abandoned – in the 1950’s.


10. The Callandish Stones, Outer Hebrides

image of the callanish stones

No-one has uncovered the mystery of these standing stones on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Astronomical calendar or petrified giants…we’ll never know!


Big thanks to Premier Inn for travelling across the country to find these other-worldy locations!