Want to know a surefire way to hang a picture or rewire a plug without blowing yourself up? Then watch our 6 amazing DIY tips and impress your mates with your top-tip prowess!


Live wire

Go on, hands up, you don’t really know how to rewire a plug do you? Or which wire is the live one? Here’s a nifty way to remember… As DIY tips go, you have to admit this one’s a goodun!


Danger-free fingers 

One comb, one hammer, a tack and – ta dah! Now you can hang up all your pictures without damaging your digits. Who said we’re not full of top DIY tips, eh!


Straw-some travel tip

To avoid tangles when you travel, slip one side of your necklace through a drinking straw, then fasten it together. Hey presto, one knot-free necklace!


Milk it!

Misplaced your watering can? No problem with yet another of our top DIY tips… Simply recycle an empty plastic milk bottle. Who knew?


Roll with it!

No more messy wires with this nifty tip. Turns out a toilet roll tube is the perfect place to store stray cables.


Get a grip

Can’t open the pickle jar? Just pop an elastic band round the lid for extra grip, and give it another go. Guarantee it’ll open easily now…


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