Just like a drug, it gives you a buzz. Also just like a drug, it's highly addictive! Is it time to swap your 10,000 step program for a 12 step program? This is how you tell your Fitbit obsession has gone a bit TOO far...


1. 10,000 is now your lucky number.

2. You have a different colour Fitbit band to match every outfit.

3. Parking at the far end of the supermarket is a joy, not a pain.



4. You take the clean laundry upstairs one item at a time.

5. When your Fitbit is charging, you won’t move, even to go to the loo. Why waste steps that won’t be counted?

6. When you see the familiar rubber band on a stranger’s wrist, you immediately challenge them to a step-off.

7. Your dog is fed up of walkies and has gone on strike.



8. You have a bruise on the tip of your finger from overtapping your wrist.

9. You’ve wondered if it’s possible to train yourself to start sleepwalking.

10. You check your Fitbit app more often than you check Facebook.

11. You no longer take part in swimming or yoga. If it doesn’t add to your step count, you don’t want to know.



12. The friendly rivalry you have with your mates has turned into a full-on walking war.

13. You’ve been tempted to check your Fitbit while having sex.