“There’s a magical place we’re on our way there. With toys in their millions all under one roof... It’s called Toys R Us!” You know you're singing along! Yes, to nineties kids there was nothing like heading to Toys R Us for Christmas, dreaming of the chance to get your hands on the holy grail of 90s toys…


1. Sega Megadrive



The two player 16-bit games console was the ultimate of 90s toys all kids wanted. Sonic The Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Mortal Kombat and, um, Echo the Dolphin provided hours of fun. The only flaw was that ‘reset’ button…far too easy for your sour grapes losing opponent to press and declare the game invalid.

2. Dream Phone



This Electronic Dream Phone let you chat to guys to narrow down which imaginary stud really fancied you! Basically, it was an overtly sexist version of ‘Guess Who’, but that hot pink phone was SO desirable. If your parents refused to buy you it (because it’d encourage dating, heaven forbid) you’d be sure to make friends with a girl who did, so you could go round their house to play.

3. Thunderbirds Tracy Island

Thunderbirds Tracy Island - REX

Press Association

You NEEDED this in your life. Of course you wanted to save your parents the cash by copying Blue Peter’s rip off version but, let’s face it, you didn’t have the skills.

4. Tamagotchi

Photo by Nigel Howard/Evening Standar/REX/Shutterstock


The tiny pet that fit in your pocket. You’d sneak it into school, but it’d be confiscated in moments when it needed to be fed. If you didn’t get it swiped by a teacher, it took approximately 3 days to get bored of it and let it die anyway.

5. Furby

Photo: Alex Lentati/Evening Standar/REX/Shutterstock


Cuter than Gizmo off Gremlins, but were you allowed one? No. They were a ‘waste of money’. You’ve still never forgiven your folks for denying you a Furby, even though no-one who ever got one had anything useful to do with the furry blighters.

6. Mr Frosty Ice Maker

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Instead of chasing the ice cream van for your frozen treat fix you could make your own with the help of a smiley snowman.

7. Teddy Ruxspin


For some reason your primary school had one Teddy for you all to share. Not fair! You wanted your very own, so all your bed time stories could be told by Teddy with his fascinating blinking eyes and moving mouth. Creepy when he was running out of battery, though.