Do you dare to wear these bizarre creations? These weird leggings are only for the brave...


1. Muscles leggings by Black Milk

weird leggings: muscle leggings

We love these, but they might make you look like an anatomical model.

2. Siamese Pussy leggings by Iron Fist

Weird leggings: pussy leggings

Want a cat face printed over your crotch? We didn’t think so. The cat doesn’t look too happy about it, either!

3. French Fries leggings by Romwe

weird leggings: french fries leggings

We love chips as much as the next person, but we’re not sure about chips on your legs. ‘A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ gets a whole new meaning with these beauties!

4. Frankenstein’s Monster leggings by Black Milk

weird leggings: frankensteins monster leggings

With these gruesome leggings, it can be Halloween every day!

5. Harry Potter Hogwarts leggings by Hot Topic

weird leggings: Harry Potter leggings

These Hogwarts leggings are simply wizard for any avid Harry Potter fan.

6. Egypt Pyramid leggings by Romwe

Weird leggings: Egyptian pyramids

Now you can be a true Egyptian goddess and wear pyramids on your pins!

7. Disney Princess leggings by Black Milk

Weird leggings: Disney Princess leggings

Everyone loves a Disney Princess, but these leggings take things to a whole new level.

8. The Simpsons leggings by Romwe

Weird leggings: Bart Simpson leggings

Bart Simpson plastered over your legs? Ay caramba!

9. Glow Skeleton leggings by American Apparel

Weird leggings: skeleton leggings

These skeleton leggings glow in the dark. Genius!


Would you wear any of these weird leggings?