The dreary weather has got us dreaming of a summer holiday - and not just in any old hotel! We've put together a list of the most amazing places to stay from Airbnb around the world - we can dream, right?!


1Mongolian Yurt, USA

Unusual places to stay: mongolian-yurtWho could believe this gorgeous interior is actually the inside of a yurt? This is glam-ping (that’s glamorous camping!) at it’s very best!


2. Rainforest treehouse, Costa Rica
unusual places to stay: rainforest treehouse

Hidden away in the treetops, this rainforest house is a whopping 20 feet off of the ground! At that height, you’re likely to spot a monkey or two!


3Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

unusual places to stay: dog bark park inn

You’d have to be barking mad to pass up staying the night in this pooch-shaped hotel. And you can even bring your own pup along with you to stay too!


4. Surf van, Netherlands

unusual places to stay: surf van

Parked in the middle of the countryside, outdoorsy types will feel right at home in this colourful van. It might not look that big – but it actually fits up to five people!


5. Boat-shaped apartment, USA 

unusual places to stay: boat shaped apartment

There’s no need to worry about feeling sea sick when aboard this boat style apartment – it’s very firmly grounded on land!


6Luxury castle, India

unusual places to stay: luxury castle in India

Enjoy a taste of the high life by staying in one of 22 luxury rooms in this converted castle. Well, if it’s good enough for royalty…


7Gingerbread House, USA

unusual places to stay: gingerbread house

This cute cottage looks like it’s come straight out of a fairytale! Thankfully it’s made out of something a little bit stronger than delicious biscuit bricks, though!


8. Medieval tower, Italy

unusual places to stay: medieval tower in Italy

If you’re happy to climb plenty of stairs, you can experience a touch of medieval history with a stay in this converted abbey. We bet the views are amazing!


9. Mirrored house, USA

unusual places to stay: mirrored house

Perfect for selfie lovers – this unique house is covered in mirrors, inside and out! We worry we’d get sick of the sight of ourselves…


For more amazing places to stay visit Airbnb. Which one of these unusual places to stay would you love to visit?