The latest Disney Pixar release, Inside Out, is causing audiences to weep up and down the country (don't worry - no spoilers - but trust us, take some tissues!). So, we’re reminiscing over the top 9 moments Pixar movies made us cry. Get ready, partner, it’s going to be totes emosh…

1. Up – Married Life Montage

Following Carl and Ellie’s joys and sorrows in married life knocks you sideways, kicks you in the gut, then carries on punching you until your tears run dry. In just four minutes, Up manages to turn you into a weeping wreck, making it top of our 9 moments Pixar movies made us cry.

(Note: If you don’t cry at this scene then you may need tests to check you actually have a heart!)


2. Toy Story 3 – Final Scene

Andy’s all grown up and is ready to give his toys away to Bonnie – but not before a final joyous playtime. As Woody sighs ‘So long, partner,’ we feel compelled to dig out and clasp our own once-beloved toys again. Then we probably need to book in for some serious therapy…


3. Wall-E – Final Scene

It’s OK, they’re happy tears, this time. When Wall-E’s reverted to factory settings and Eve desperately tries to jog his memory, it’s no use. Heartbroken, she lays a ‘kiss’ on Wall-E and the spark of electricity ignites him. Then … he won’t let go of her hand. Sob! Squeeee! YAY cinema’s greatest power couple, Wall-E and Eve!


4. Monsters Inc – Sulley and Boo’s Goodbye

Sniff. The hug’s brutal enough, then when Boo checks the cupboard and Sulley’s not there… Sob. Fest. Every. Time.


5. Toy Story 3 – Garbage Incinerator


Disney Pixar

Facing impending doom, our brave buddies accept their fate and tentatively hold hands, awaiting the jaws of death… Dammit, Pixar, the hand holding has to stop!


6. Finding Nemo – Opening Scene

The classic tear-jerker trick – a character loses a parent. Yeah, yeah, Pixar, we’ve seen Bambi and you won’t get us on this one…

Then Nemo’s mum dies fighting to save her eggs. Heartbroken, his dad discovers, then lovingly cradles, the one surviving egg. I’m not crying, honestly, there’s just something in my eye…


7. Toy Story 2 – Jessie’s Abandonment

A truly tear-jerking moment. ‘When She Loved Me’ by Sarah McLachlan plays over Jessie’s heartbreaking tale of abandonment by her former owner, Emily. A mournful Jessie states: ‘You never forget kids like Emily or Andy, but they forget you.’

…Cue every audience member’s bitter regret at ever growing up! Adulthood turns us into a-holes, and Pixar’s always going to be here to remind us.


8. Wall-E – Eve Sees Security Camera Footage

These two hand-holding robots will be the end of me. When Eve delivers the sapling and sees her security camera footage of how he tirelessly cared for her while she was offline. Wall-E, you are THE cutest!


9. Ratatouille – Anton Ego Flashback

You may not cry, but this one’s nostalgia central. Nasty food critic Anton softens at the memory of his mother’s home cooking. Ahh… How we wish all we could be transported back to our halcyon days, at times.