Love him or loathe him, we are all fascinated with Kanye West!


1. When he ruined Taylor Swift’s VMA’s

It was painfully awkward to watch the moment when poor Taylor Swift’s award acceptance was ruined by Kanye West’s rude interruption.

2. When he proved he is as in love with himself as we thought

Kanye can always be trusted to say something that is both baffling and ridiculous, but this is one of our all time faves! “I am God’s vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.” Kanye, we feel your pain.

Kanye West

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3. When he said, “You are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet” during his performance at Glasto

Really? You weren’t even the greatest living rock star at Glastonbury!

4. When he didn’t even crack a smile as Amy Schumer took a comedy tumble

How could he not see the funny side of her falling at his feet.

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5. When he called his album Yeezus

If that wasn’t bad enough, the album featured a track titled “I am A God.” Oh dear.

6. When he looks BORED on the red carpet

You’re on the red carpet with your wife who is giving everyone her best sultry smile. Please look at least slightly pleased with your lot!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

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7. When he released THAT music video of him and Kim

Seeing Bound 2 for the first time was like watching car crash TV. It was so awful, but we just couldn’t take our eyes off it.

8. When he slated his ex during a radio interview

Kanye said that after being with his ex Amber Rose he had to “take 30 showers before I got with Kim.” Harsh!

Amber Rose and Kanye West

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9. When he tried to get two disabled fans to stand up and dance

Kanye actually stopped his 2014 concert in Sydney to tell two fans to stand up before realising they were both disabled…cringe!