If you were the unfortunate child at school who suffered with nosebleeds, some of this will be all too familiar! 


1. You weren’t freaked out by the sight of blood

You weren’t bothered at all. How could you be? Your nose was streaming with the red stuff at any given moment.

2. You remember waking up to a red bed

No, it wasn’t the scene of a massacre… just a nosebleed at a very unfortunate time!

3. You hated those moments when you were caught off guard

There you were, just talking to a friend, and suddenly they looked horrified. You looked down to see blood droplets on the floor. Oh dear…

4. You ALWAYS carried tissues

You had to be prepared at all times. You still carry tissues around with you, just in case!



5. You were known as ‘the kid with nosebleeds’

If someone didn’t know who you were, it was the way you were described. You know, the girl with curly brown hair and nosebleeds… For the record, we didn’t get them because we picked our noses!

6. Everyone had an opinion

You were supposed to hold your head back, then you absolutely weren’t supposed to hold your head back… aggghh! I’m bleeding and people are just shouting different instructions at me, it’s not helping.

7. A runny nose worried you

If your nose was running it made you think that you were having a nosebleed. It still has that effect on you now, even though it’s been years and years since you suffered.

8. Temperature changes were always an issue

Switching between hot and cold always made you a bit tense. It was prime nosebleed territory and you knew it!

9. You learnt how hard it could be to get blood out of clothes

Some of your favourite clothes were ruined by overwashing in an attempt to get rid of those nasty red spots!