Like most normal people, you're probably a bit messy. But if your partner is off-the-scale tidy and a true neat freak (NF), you need to know these rules.


1. The washing up can NOT wait until morning

dirty dishes


It’s standard procedure for the NF to wash the dishes immediately after a meal. And don’t dawdle – your plate might be snatched away before you’re finished eating.


2. Clothes do not hang up by themselves

messy clothes


Even if you’re dead tired at the end of the day, you can’t drop your clothes on the floor and fall into bed. The NF will kick you out of it unless those items are returned to their rightful place on the hanger.


3. It’s not called a laundry cycle for nothing

washing machine


You mean you put the fabric softener in before the rinse sequence? And forgot to put in the mixed colour sheet at the beginning? No wonder the NF rarely lets you near the washing machine


4. Not making the bed is grounds for divorce

unmade bed


For the NF, the sight of an unmade bed can induce a panic attack. And no, just throwing the bedspread over rumpled sheets doesn’t count. It’s hospital corners all the way.


5. A car is not a spare room

clean car


The NF’s vehicle is a sacred vessel that must be devoid of debris. So find another place for your shoes and sweaters, shopping bags, books and tools. Empty crisp packs and water bottles will be destroyed.


6. Things are where they are for a reason

couple fight


So you’re not helping when you move that lamp to another corner. The NF has a very particular arrangement of objects in the home and will not tolerate it being modified in any way. Put it back.


7. A ring is for a finger, not a tub

bathroom sink


You might be able to ignore the scummy circle from that bubble bath you had two weeks ago, but the NF cannot. Only when a bathroom has been thoroughly wiped down and disinfected, will the NF let you go to the loo.


8. Until you can eat off the floor, it’s not clean enough

floor scrub


Merely sweeping crumbs away is not an option. For the NF, it’s down on hands and knees for a thorough scrub. And carpets must be steamed weekly and vacuumed daily. It’s the law.


9. It’s not a collection, it’s clutter



You may love all those tacky holiday souvenirs but to the NF, they’re dust-collectors. But here’s a secret – even the NF hates dusting! So keep ‘em!