We all love the decade we grew up in, it shaped who we are. And you'll know you were a child of the 80s if you played with these classic 80s toys...


1. My Little Pony

my little pony

These colourful little creatures were launched in 1983 by Hasbro. They fast became a huge hit across the globe. My Little Pony started with a handful of different characters, but as their popularity grew, their variety became mind-boggling. Hasbro found the perfect way to tap into the dream of owning your own pony.


2. Care Bears



This modern spin on the classic teddy bear was one of the most popular toys of the 80s. Like most of the successful toys of the decade, they had their own TV series.

Who wouldn’t want one of these cute critters? By giving us a choice of colour and character, Care Bears allowed us to express ourselves as young consumers.


3. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe



He-Man was made by Mattel and launched in 1983. With his own TV series, he was a marketing dream. Along with his nemesis Skeletor, his Battle Cat and the Castle of Grayskull, we all bought into He-Man’s world. He really was the master of our universe!


4. Nintendo Entertainment System


The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was launched in the UK in 1986. It went on to be one of the most popular games systems of the decade.

The NES (and the Atari before it) changed the way we used our tellies. Games like Super Mario Bros had us glued to the screen for hours. The NES opened up a whole new world of gaming possibilities and we’ve never looked back.


5. Transformers


These robots in disguise were loved by us and happily bought by our parents. We got a cool toy that transformed from a truck or car to a robot, and they got two toys for the price of one. Everyone was a winner, especially manufacturers Hasbro who had another hit toy on their hands.


6. Lolo Ball

lolo ball

The Lolo Ball was also called the Pogo Ball and the Disc-O Ball. Part pogo stick, part trampoline, the Lolo Ball let us bounce around with surprisingly little effort.


7. Rainbow Brite

Rainbow brite

Rainbow Brite and her talking horse Starlite had a big impact on us in the 80s. This technicolour girl was dreamt up by Hallmark Cards in 1983.

By 1984 she had a line of toys made by Mattel and an animated TV series. Rainbow Brite was Hallmark’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


8. Speak & Spell

Speak&spell 80s toys

Unlike a lot of 80s toys, the genius educational Speak & Spell had universal appeal. Our parents bought it so we could learn while having fun. We loved it because it was like having our very own high tech computer complete with robotic voice.


9. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube 80s toys

This 3D puzzle was so popular in the 80s that it sparked it very own puzzle-solving craze!  Everyone was trying to complete the Rubik’s Cube. Remember all those hours you spent trying to work it out?


We loved our 80s toys. They were fun, colourful and memorable! Which was your favourite?