From birthdays to anniversaries, you can buy a card for pretty much everything these days! But would you go so far as to send a divorce card? We've rounded up 9 of the funniest to help you make your decision…


1. Go on now, go!



Who better to call on in times of crisis than Gloria Gaynor? We will survive (hey hey)!


2. Miss Newly Unwed

The Livingston Line, Etsy

Who knew a divorce card could be so pretty?


3. The definition of divorce



We’re not convinced this is an exact dictionary definition – but we like it!


4. They make divorce cards now…



Yep – they’re right! You can buy a card for pretty much every occasion now!


 5. We wish you a merry divorce!

The subtlest of the bunch, this one could easily be mistaken for a normal greetings card…


6. Netflix will fix it!

Classy Cards Creative, Etsy

Classy Cards Creative, Etsy

This covers all of the bases we think! It’s the perfect remedy for heartbreak.


 7. Fishy freedom



It’s not the happiest of endings for this fishy. Maybe only buy this one for a pal with a good sense of humour?


8. Time to have some fun!



Too right! This card calls for a girl’s night!


9. We never liked him…

Chez Gayne, Etsy

Chez Gayne, Etsy

Because sometimes, saying ‘I told you so’ just isn’t enough!


So, would you send a divorce card? Let us know!