Whether yours is a gin, vodka or whisky, at these haunted pubs you may well encounter spirits of a very different kind


1. The Grenadier, Belgrave Square, London

Image of haunted pub: The Grenadier

Back in the 1800‘s, a solider, who cheated while playing cards, was beaten to death and thrown down a stairwell as punishment. Every year, around September footsteps can be heard pacing empty rooms, objects disappear or are moved, chairs and tables rattle and the place feels icy cold. Someone even heard a moaning sound coming up from the cellar where the beating took place. Visitors have attempted to pay off the soldiers debt by attaching money to the ceiling – it’s now covered in foreign notes – but he still comes back every September.


2. The Devils Stone Inn,  Shebbear, Beaworthy, Devon

Said to be one of the 12 most haunted pubs in Britain, at this  former 17th century farmhouse, you may hear loud footsteps on the landing, a young girl giggling and phantom knocks on doors. People who’ve stayed in one of the guest rooms report the bed covers suddenly being pulled off and pictures moving on the walls during the night. It’s also said that the spirit of an RAF pilot who died there can often be seen at the bar.


3. Spaniards Inn, Hampstead

image of haunted pub: duelling pistols


There are three ghosts at this north London pub. Local legend has it that highwayman Dick Turpin was born at the inn and his ghost has been seen on the road outside. The second is of former landlord Juan Porero, who in a fight over a woman, fought a duel with his brother Francisco  – and lost. There are also sightings of a woman in white often seen in the pub’s garden.


4. The Red Lion, Avebury, Wiltshire

The ghost of a lady called Florrie is said to be seen around the old well, now in the front room of the pub. The story goes that during the English Civil War, Florrie’s husband came home to find her in bed with another man, so he threw her down the well and sealed it. Now Florrie’s ghost roams, looking for a man with a beard, though whether it’s the husband or lover no one knows for sure! She’s even been spotted in the ladies loos!


5. The Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex

Image of haunted pub: The Mermaid Inn, Rye


Rebuilt in 1420 and with cellars that go back to 1120, no wonder this cosy hotel is haunted by more than one ghost! Most often seen is a lady in white who sits by the fireplace in room 1. In the Nutcracker Suite, another lady in white, said to have been murdered by smugglers, has been spotted walking across the room and through the door, stopping at the foot of the bed for a moment on her way past. Over in room 17, a chair rocks unaided, while down in the bar, wine bottles fly off shelves of their own accord.


6. The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook, Bucks

Spooky goings-on include strange noises, ghostly figures and objects moving on their own. When you discover that over 60 murders have been committed here, it’s no surprise the place is haunted! Many were at the hand of Jarman, a 17th century landlord, who with his wife had a nasty habit of murdering his guests after they’d retired for the night! Cold spots are also felt downstairs in the ladies loo, which used to be the pantry where Jarman stored his victims’ bodies!


7. The Skirrid Mountain Inn, near Abergavenny

image of haunted pub: hangmans' noose





















At Wales’ oldest pub, glasses fly across the bar, faces have been seen at the windows, things mysteriously disappear only to turn up weeks later and guests often wake to an ice-cold room and the feeling that they’re being watched. Spooky! When you know that the inn was once a courtroom and, during 1685, a whopping 180 people were hanged from an oak beam over the staircase, it’s no wonder that some visitors have complained of feeling as if they were being strangled by a noose! The hangings were ordered by Baron George Jeffreys, who has also been seen stalking the upper floors of the inn looking for people to hang.


8. The Golden Fleece, York

At the last count, there were 15 different spectres at this Yorkshire boozer including Roman soldiers in the cellar. Lady Alice Peckett, whose husband John owned the premises around 1700, is often seen roaming the corridors and staircases in the dead of night. There’s also the ghost of a Canadian airman who fell to his death there during World War II, a man called One Eyed Jack, who, wearing a 16-17th century red coat and carrying a pistol is seen in the bottom bar of the pub, a grumpy old man, and a young Victorian young boy who was trampled to death by horses. Is there anybody there? Yes, a crowd of them!


9. Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

image of haunted pub: pint of beer


The clatter of horses’ hooves and the metal rims of a carriage echo across the courtyard in the dead of night, pacing footsteps have also been heard, and a man in a hat and cloak appears from nowhere and then shoots off through solid doors. It’s said to be a punter who left mid pint. His corpse was found on the moor the next morning. Is it the man returning to finish his drink?


Is your local haunted? Let us know!