These oddball felons committed crimes that went wrong spectacularly!


1. Wee error!

test tubes with samples of urind


This felon was literally taking the pee. A mugger in South Africa snatched a woman’s handbag. It contained no money, just urine samples – the victim was a doctor’s assistant taking them to hospital for analysis!

2. Open and shut!

Thieves who broke into a leisure centre in Chichester mistook welding tools for cutting equipment. Instead of opening the safe, they welded it shut!

3. On the fiddle!

violin and box


A burglar returned the violin he’d stolen from a house in Munich, Germany. He left it on the doorstep with a note attached complaining it was out of tune. The instrument was actually 300 years old and worth £50,000!

4. Your change!

A gunman held up a petrol station in Kent and demanded the cashier hand over a bag of sweets worth just 50p. He then ran off, dropping a £10 note of his own!

5. Opening hours!

Sign on door saying Branch Closed

A gang spent a whole night breaking into a bank in Hampshire. After cutting through the bars, yanking out a security grille and smashing a wall to bits, they found the bank had closed down four years earlier!

6. Payload!

A Chicago woman offered a hit man oral sex every day for the next 10 years if he killed her hubby, because she could only afford to pay him in kind. Needless to say, the husband escaped his fate.

7. Strike a light!

Fireworks in night sky


Two thieves in Durban, South Africa, decided to loot a firework factory. Once inside, it was too dark to see where they were going… so they lit a match. The whole building was blown sky-high, unfortunately with them still inside!

8. All that glitters..!

In the catalogue of crimes that went wrong, for this criminal there certainly wasn’t a golden outcome… The burglar in Jarrow ignored expensive computer equipment and jewellery and went for a box full of £1 coins. An impressive haul…until he realised it was chocolate money.

9. The sting!



A burglar in Hampton, Florida, got more than he bargained for when he broke into a shed. Unfortunately for him, there was there was a hive full of angry bees inside!