80s stars were beautiful, fashionable, and oozed cool. You know you are a child of the 80s when you couldn’t take your eyes off these stars…


1. The boys from Duran Duran

80s stars Duran Duran

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Roger, Andy, Nick, John and Simon. Everyone had their favourite member of Duran Duran.  These boys were true 80s icons. They were plastered all over our walls, on the covers of our mags and in our Walkmans. We couldn’t get enough.


2. Kim Wilde

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We all wanted to be just like this 80s pop powerhouse. She was young, beautiful and talented. It’s not surprising we loved her.


3. Morten Harket

Music - a-ha 80s stars

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With his chiselled good looks, wearing shredded stonewashed denim and sporting salon-perfect blow-dried hair, how could we not love the lead singer of A-ha? Morten had massive teen appeal. We were transfixed.


4. Rob Lowe

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In the 80s, young actor Rob Lowe had everything. Looks, talent, fame, and membership to the Hollywood elite. We loved him and the bad boy characters he played so well.


5. Madonna

Madonna 80s stars

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Madonna was the undisputed queen of pop. She had her own unique style and was a real 80s trendsetter. Remember the lace gloves and the scarf headband? We all wanted to dress like Madonna.


6. Michael J Fox

Michael J. Fox

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Films like Back to the Future and Teen Wolf propelled fresh-faced Michael J Fox to super-stardom. His boyish good looks had us all hooked.


7. Nick Kamen


Who could forget the Levi’s advert that made Nick Kamen famous? Marvin Gaye’s I Heard It Through The Grapevine will forever remind us of him in his underwear. Unsurprisingly the advert was an instant hit.


8. Molly Ringwald


Everyone loved this Brat Pack beauty. From Pretty in Pink to The Breakfast Club, she was the girl next door who oozed cool from every pore.


Tell us which 80s stars you picked when you were browsing through the poster racks in Athena…