You'd think with all the headlines that come with being famous, you'd be mourned just as much when the time comes. But for some celebs their deaths simply slipped under the radar, eclipsed by an even more famous departure. Did you even know all of these stars had died?


1. Bobby Vee and Pete Burns

Rex Features

Rex Features

Best known for his pop hits including Take Good Care of My Baby, much loved 60s singer Bobby Vee passed away on 24th October 2016 at the age of 73. But it wasn’t his death that dominated the headlines but that of plastic surgery loving musician and Celebrity Big Brother star Pete Burns. The Dead or Alive singer died of a cardiac arrest aged 57 on 23rd October.


2. Frank Finlay & Terry Wogan

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Actor Frank Finlay, 89, who shot to fame in the 1970s for his roles in Casanova and Bouquet of Barbed Wire, sadly died on 30th January after a short illness. But his death was completely overshadowed this weekend by the shocking news that much-loved radio legend Terry Wogan had passed away after a short battle with cancer


3. Ron Moody & Christopher Lee

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Ron Moody, famous for playing Fagin in Oliver, died on 11 June this year. But his death was overshadowed by that of Christopher Lee. The Dracula actor died earlier that week on 7 June.


4. Lauren Bacall & Robin Williams

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Hollywood veteran Lauren Bacall died on 12 August 2014 aged 89. Sadly, her death wasn’t big news because we were all still reeling from the shock suicide of Robin Williams.


5. Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jacksonovershadowed celebrity deaths

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No-one could compete with the surprise death of the controversial King of Pop, but poor Farrah Fawcett didn’t stand a chance. Michael Jackson’s demise on 25 June 2009 completely eclipsed the sad loss of Fawcett, who died on the same day.


6. Brad Renfro & Heath Ledger

Brad Renfro and Heath Ledgerovershadowed celebrity deaths

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Brad Renfro, the promising young actor known for his roles in Sleepers, The Client and Ghost World, died tragically young, at just 25 on 15th January 2008. His death, from a suspected heroin overdose, and funeral all made the papers, but they were soon forgotten with the shock news of the death of much more famous young actor. Heath Ledger died on 22 January, and it was all we could talk about.


7. John Ritter & Johnny Cash

John Ritter and Johnny Cash

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The American actor and comedian John Ritter died on 11 September 2003. Dying on the two-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks would always bump the news from the headlines, but Ritter was also eclipsed by Johnny Cash, who died the very next day.


8. Mother Teresa & Diana, Princess of Wales

Mother Teresa & Diana Princess of Wales

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At any other time, the death of Mother Teresa on 5 September 1997 would’ve been huge news. However, the death of the world famous missionary passed by with minimal fanfare. We were all too busy mourning the sudden loss of Princess Diana, who died on the 31 August to pay much attention to anything else.


9. Federico Fellini & River Phoenix

Federico Fellini & River Phoenix

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The death of influential filmmaker Federico Fellini should’ve been front page Hollywood news, but Fellini’s death on 31 October 1993 barely made the headlines. Why? Because film star and heartthrob River Phoenix died suddenly on the same day.


10. Groucho Marx & Elvis Presley

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PA Photos

If you thought dying at the same time as Michael Jackson was unfortunate, then take a moment to think about Groucho Marx, who died on 19 August 1977. This comedy heavyweight died just three days after Elvis Presley, one of the most famous celebrity deaths of all time!


Did you know about all of these overshadowed celebrity deaths, or did some of them come as a surprise?