With their cheesy catchphrases, naff prizes and charismatic hosts, we'd love to see some of these old gameshows make a comeback...


1. Supermarket Sweep

Grocery shopping + quiz + Dale Winton = telly genius.

Who doesn’t want to see shopping-mad contestants ‘go wild in the aisles’ with Dale Winton?! Scratch that, who doesn’t want to actually go wild in the aisles themselves, chucking groceries hapazardly in their trolley?


2. Play Your Cards Right



Bring back Brucie!

Higher or lower?! It was a simple, yet brilliant format. This popular gameshow has had several revivals since it’s original run in the 80s. Its immense popularity likely down to that old Brucie magic, so we’d have to lure him back out of retirement!


3. 3-2-1

At the height of its popularity 3-2-1, hosted by Ted Rogers, attracted a massive 16.5m viewers. It was still pulling in 12.5m when it was canned. Contestants fought to win the star prize – while avoiding the iconic booby-prize Dusty Bin!


4. Blankety Blank

Les Dawson, Lily Savage, Terry Wogan. Blankety Blank sure has had some legendary hosts! Cheap, tacky, brilliant. Since its original run began in 1979, and subsequent revivals, the show has spanned four decades. So why isn’t it still on our screens? Bring it back, now! With Wogan’s Wand too please!


5. The Krypton Factor


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Combining brains, brawn and sheer determination – this gameshow was nicknamed Television’s Toughest Quiz by presenter Gordan Burns. It was cancelled in 1995, and brought back for two series in 2009, but we still want more!


6. Bullseye


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Iiiin one…

Jim Bowen’s iconic darts-throwing gameshow ran for 15 years right through the 80s and to the mid-90s. It spawned endless catchphrases and TV channel Challenge are still running repeats today! So.. .Let’s have a look at what you could have won? After all – you can’t beat a bit of Bully.


7. Big Break!

‘I’ll be snookering you, snookering you tonight!’ John Virgo, with his array of colourful waistcoats, and Jim Davidson’s comedic teasing, made Big Break a Saturday night staple in the 90s.


8. Going for Gold

We watched this after Neighbours’ lunchtime broadcast! And with its memorable chirpy theme tune, it’s about time it returned. ‘When they’re going for…going for…gold!’


What gameshows would you like to see return to our TVs?