Ooh, those were the days. When men were men, and male comedians were often, well, dressed up as women! Can you remember these hilarious funny 'ladies' from TV shows back in the 80s?


1. Dick Emery

It was not only funny ‘ladies’ in his repertoire, but Dick Emery had a whole host of comic characters who regularly appeared… from Ton-up boy astride his motorbike, the denim-clad Bovver Boy to the outrageously camp Clarence and the toothy vicar. But it’s his two female funny ladies who stole the show.. Remember frustrated man-eating spinster Hettie?


And, most memorably, glamorous Mandy, who saw the smutty in the most innocent query. Her catchphrase ‘Ooh you are awful… But I like you’ was always followed by a friendly shove, which usually sent the recipient flying before she tottered off with a little stumble on her high heels

2 & 3. Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough

Some of the most memorable of sketches from dour comedian Les Dawson were the ones where he teamed up with Roy Barraclough to appear as Cissie Braithwaite and Ada Shufflebotham. The two ample-bosomed old gossips were never short of an opinion or two, mouthing the more contentious words…

4. Kenny Everett

Always ultra-risque, Kenny’s Dolly-Parton-gone-wrong creation was the cheekily named Cupid Stunt. With laddered tights, a big blonde barnet, plunging neckline…and a beard, Cupid always insisted her exploits were ‘All done in the best possible taste’, before flashing her pants as she dramatically crossed her legs…

5 & 6. The Two Ronnies

Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett finished many of their shows with a musical finale, which included at least one ‘lady’. From The Plumpstead Ladies Male Voice Choir to Polly Parton or Moria Anderson, their comic creations were genius, the lyrics always sung with a cheeky glint in the eye.

7 & 8. Hinge & Brackett

The female personas of George Logan and Patrick Fyffe – Dr Evandne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket were two genteel, yet eccentric, spinsters, who’d once appeared upon the provincial operatic stage. They bicker as they reminisce about the golden age of their singing ‘careers’ and entertain the audience with their old classics…


Which of these cross-dressing comedians made you laugh the most?