Look at these adorable guys falling over themselves to say hello. Surely you can't resist cute animals waving at you? Why not give them a wave back?


1. Sociable beaver

Animals waving: cute beaver coming to say hello

Look at this great guy coming over to say hello!

2. Attention seeking polar bear

animals waving polar bear shouting and giving us a wave


This Polar Bear really wants our attention. It’d be rude to ignore him.

3. Bashful raccoon

adorable racoon gaving us a wave


He may be shy, but he still wants to say hi.

4. Delightful damselfly

animals waving damselfly waving at us


We always love getting a big wave from a happy chap.

5. Welcoming bear

Bear waving animals waving at us


This dude wants to welcome us to his home. What a nice guy!

6. Excited meerkat

excited meercat giving us a quick wave

He may be easily distracted, but he’s giving us such a welcoming wave that we don’t really mind.

6. Happy hoary marmot

animals waving hoary marmot saying hi


Let’s all give this cutie a wave back.

8. Friendly dog

A border collie saying hi!


High Five! This Border Collie wants us to be his mate. How could you resist?


Did you enjoy these adorable animals waving at you? We certainly did!