Some kids really do have the coolest bedrooms. These amazing kids' beds will make you want to be young again!


1. Tree house bunk beds by Cuckooland

amazing kids beds tree house bunk bed

Ever wanted a tree house? Now you can have one indoors! This bed is a must for any great young explorer.

2. Pirate Ship by Bluewell Theme Beds
amazing kids beds pirate ship bed

The ideal bed for the little pirate in the family. They can hit the high seas in this beauty…Ahoy matey!

3. Cinderella’s Coach by Posh Tots
amazing kids beds cinderellas coach

Perfect for your little princess. With this Cinderella bed she will definitely be able to go to the ball. Luckily this coach won’t turn into a pumpkin in the night!

4. Woodland castle by Posh Tots
amazing kids beds woodland castle

Ever wanted to have your very own fairytale castle? With this amazing bed your little one can have her own happily ever after.

5. Racing car by Furniture in Fashion

amazing kids beds racing car

This car is ideal for your little racer. It even has working headlights and sounds. Vroom!

6. Medieval castle by Dream Craft Furniture
amazing kids beds medieval castle

Your child can be the king of the castle and dream of being a brave knight in this medieval fortress.

7. Snow White’s Cottage by Sweet Retreat Kids
amazing kids beds snow whites cottage

It doesn’t come with the seven dwarves but we think this Snow White  cottage bed is amazing.

8. Dinosaur bed by Posh Tots
amazing kids beds dinosaur beds

If your kid loves dinosaurs then this is the bed for them. They can feel like they’re living in the Jurassic world.


Growing up wouldn’t you have wanted one of these amazing kids’ beds?