Having teachers as parents is never easy, it’s like school never ends. If your parents were teachers then our list might ring a bell with you (a school bell)


1. School uniform

There was no way you’d get away with flaunting the dress code. Teacher parents made it their duty to know exactly what you had to wear and how it had to be worn.

2. Being on time

Having parents as teachers meant they did the same hours as you. When they left for work, meant you left for school. Being late was not an option, on time was late!

3. Homework

Doing homework was always bad enough, but trying to do your homework with teacher parents was impossible. Having your homework checked by them was standard. If it was a subject they taught then you might as well give up because you were being taught it all wrong. And when you did need help, asking for it was always the quickest way to start an argument.

4. Exams

Just because your mum taught Maths didn’t mean you were good at Maths, too.
Teacher parents’ expectations of you were sky high: in their eyes, a B was an F.
If you didn’t pull your socks up and work harder you’d end up at Art college and not Oxford University!

5. Normal things turned into lessons

A jouney in the car would always turn into an educational field trip.
Your parents would point out the various things like churches or rock formations, telling you granite is a combination of the quartz, biotite and feldspar minerals. Zzzzzzzzzz.

6. Summer holidays

It’s not until you’ve grown up and started working that you realise that not everyone gets six weeks off for summer.

7. Other kids

Through comments your parents made whilst marking homework, you felt you knew the kids they taught. You’d worry that Johnny was going to drop down a set at Maths because he had absolutely no idea how to add up and you knew that Sue’s grasp of basic grammar was bloody shocking!