Has anyone else noticed how children nowadays seem to be allowed to get away with more and more? Or rather, parents seem more blinkered to their darlings' behaviour and oblivious to how this can make us quietly seethe...


1 Let us through!

Modern parents seem oblivious to those around them. It’s so infuriating when mums stand chatting with two of their mega pushchairs side by side on a narrow pavement. Why do you need the toddler equivalent of a 4×4 around town, anyway?! We want to get past, however important your discussion of little Johnny’s playgroup report!

Two mums talking on the pavement each with a pushchair


2 Let them stand!

Children travel for free on public transport, so how infuriating is it when mums or dads actually expect adults to stand up for their darling offspring? Or take up a seat for their toddler?! Balance your child on your knee and leave the seat for those of us who have slightly less youthful limbs…

Man and toddler sitting on train on laptops


3 Watch those feet!

And while we’re talking about it, since when did it become acceptable for children to hurl themselves all over the furniture on public transport? It’s just pure wrong. And as for standing on the seat on buses – don’t you realise your child’s shoes walk on the same dirty pavement as yours?! And then there are those parents who let their child kick the seat in front of them… Just insist that the parent swaps places with you!

A carefree young girl annoying the passenger infront by pushing his seat.


4 Games begone!

It used to be the case that having a meal out together was all about interacting as a family. So why is it now acceptable to let a child play with electronic games or smartphones (with sounds switched on) at restaurant tables? Talk to each other, why don’t you?!!

Little boy playing video games while having dinner with his parents


5 Just behave!

Now I know you fancy a sit down and a coffee chatting to your fellow mums, but please don’t ignore your child’s behaviour in the cafe or restaurant and expect waiters (and fellow customers) to babysit, and ensure that little Emily doesn’t pour all the sugar out of the bowl onto the table…

A little girl is acting up in a restaurant while diners look on.


6 Pipe down!

Surely children’s hearing is highly tuned, so why is it necessary for Mum to talk at the top of her voice when on public transport? Maybe she just wants us to know how accomplished she is at conversing with her child – or maybe she’s just ignorant and couldn’t care less about the eardrums of fellow passengers.

A young woman shouting into a megaphone.


7 Time, please!

Finally why, oh why, do parents have to take their children with them to the pub, and then ignore their offspring when they run amok? Pubs are for adults – surely we deserve one place to ourselves?!

Two small children playing poker with bottle of beem