If you've got a Facebook page, you'll recognise some of these annoying habits. Which ones do your head in? And which ones are you guilty of yourself?


1. The Overshare

It’s great that little Timmy’s potty training is going well, but did you really need to tell the Internet how many number twos he’s done today, as well as posting a picture of his efforts. But let’s not put all the blame on parents here. There’s far too much bedroom talk on Facebook for our liking. What goes on between the sheets should stay there!


2. Spooky chain letters



Just like the actual letters we’d get back in the day, the 21st century equivalent warns us to share a Facebook status within the next 15 minutes to avoid a terrible, eerie fate. Well, we never share and the boogieman hasn’t come after us, yet. Will this trend never die?


3. The cryptic update

Sometimes known as Vaguebooking, your newsfeed is filled with them… ‘Gemma is so cross right now’, ‘Louise just had some shocking news’, ‘Jane is so tired of this rubbish’. But when you comment underneath, asking what’s up you invariably get told they ‘don’t want to talk about it’. Eh? Why did you post it then?


4. Selfie overload



We all take selfies. What winds us up are our Facebook friends who post the same duck-faced selfie multiple times a day. Yes, you’re pretty, we get it! How do they get anything else done?


5. The slushy status

Nothing wrong with a bit of romance, but is it really vital to tell the world every day that you love your hubby ‘soooooo much and are the luckiest girl in the world and have never been happier xxxxx‘. Don’t forget to tag his name too, so he’ll see it. Instead of, you know, just telling him to his face. You do share a bed after all.


6. Healthy food shamers



OK, sometimes it’s nice to see what other folk are having for dinner, to get ideas in the future. What’s annoying is that one friend who always posts snaps of their super healthy salad and kale smoothie. Puts us right off our pizza and chips.


7. Game invites

One of the most infuriating Facebook habits, we reckon. No, we don’t want to play Candy Crush with you. Just like we didn’t want to play yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that… But the notifications keep coming.