Aside from wrinkles and sagging skin, the wrong make up can add years to your face. Here's our quick guide on how to avoid the ageing trap!


1. Over-plucked eyebrows



Most of us have plucked our eyebrows at some point, some a little zealously more than others – especially in the 1970s!

The thing is, eyebrows get paler and sparser as we age, so the trick is to let them grow out a bit, with just a tidy up every now and again. To help thicken them up, use a conditioning oil nightly, such as argan or coconut.

In the meantime, use a soft powder eyeshadow or a very fine pencil to fill in the gaps. Be careful to keep it subtle, though. Clown brows are not a good look!


2. No foundation or too much

Ok, so you might be aiming for the fresh faced schoolgirl look but, but most skin looks better with a bit of evening out and some concealer.

No need to trowel it on, though. A thin layer of a BB/CC cream or a light-tinted moisturiser followed by some concealer where needed, will give you a more youthful, flawless look!


3. Too much bronzer



We all look and feel better with a a slightly sun-kissed complexion, but going heavy on the bronzer can have an adverse effect.

It can look harsh, dull and unnatural. Keep it light, and apply only to areas which would naturally catch the sun. Don’t forget to add blusher to the apples of your cheeks to give you a healthy glow.


4. Lip liner

This is a common mistake we make – trying to make our lips look fuller by pencilling around the natural contour in with a pencil which is too dark.

If anything, a nude colour or a bit of highlighting concealer, applied lightly, works better because it gives the illusion of plumpness around the lips. Apply your regular lippy on top of this and you’ll be surprised how much better it looks.

Use a lip pencil or crayon that matches your lipstick to make any corrections afterwards!


5. Pink frosted lipstick



No-one, except maybe a 5-year-old wannabe Disney Princess or Lady Gaga suits pale pink frosted lipstick, yet surprisingly a lot of women still wear it, thinking it’s a ‘safe’ colour.

In reality, it makes your teeth look yellow, it’s dated, shows up every crease on your mouth and the sugar-pink frosted shade does nothing for your skin tone!

Stick to cream or matte formulations, in clear, bright or natural shades.


6. Eyeliner on the lower lashes

This one is a real ‘no-no’ for women over a certain age!

For a start, it shrinks and sinks your eyes, draws attention to dark circles, bags and worst of all looks SO 1980s. On an older face, this will make you look more Alice Cooper and less Kate Bush in her Wuthering Heights days!

Stick to liner on the upper lids only, much classier, and make the line thicker as your get to the corners. Finish off with a subtle smudged feline flick!


7. Too much powder and concealer



A thick layer of drying powder can be very ageing. It can actually show up lines and wrinkles! Also, too much pale concealer under the eyes is a giveaway that you’re trying too hard hide something!  The idea is to enhance what you have, not to try and cover a multitude of sins by caking on your base like plaster, so try a light, translucent finish blot powder for a more natural result.