Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? If you don't want to end up regretting it, here are some ideas you probably shouldn't copy!


Terrible tattoos

Let these be a warning to you…

1. Glass act

caro1Now that looks like someone who should have gone to Specsavers…


2. Pain in the neck


What’s the matter? I won’t bite!


3.Pull the udder one


He must have thought it was a-moo-sing at the time but it looks like a cow-tastrophy to us!


4. Colourful character

Colourful face tattoo

One phrase you don’t want to hear: ‘Hi, I’m your blind date!’


5. Couldn’t get much verse

Poem tattoo

Hey Dave, you’re driving without a poetic licence…


6. Elephantastic

Elephant tattoo

And finally, it may not always be handy but this one’s sort of cute!


Have you got a tattoo that you regret? Let us know!