If there's one thing most of us don't expect to survive it's being hit by a train. But that's exactly what happened to the 6 people in these amazing videos. Prepare to have your gob well and truly smacked!


1. Baby, that’s amazing!

Back in October 2009, passengers at a suburban train station in Melbourne, Australia watched in horror as a pushchair carrying a 6-month-old baby rolled off the edge of the platform and was instantly hit by a train that was pulling into the station.

The child’s mum, who’d taken her hands off the pushchair for a split second, is clearly distraught as the 250-ton train ploughed straight over the top of the baby’s buggy, despite the driver slamming on the brakes.

No one who witnessed the horrific accident expected the baby to survive. But incredibly, rescue workers found the child alive beneath the wreckage of the smashed pushchair, unscathed all but for a tiny scratch to the forehead. Now that’s what we call a miracle!


2. Trucking hell!

Want to know what’s worse than being hit by a train? Being hit by a lorry that’s been smashed into by a speeding train! But that’s exactly what happened to this Turkish man back in 2009 – and not only did he live to tell the tale, he barely had a bump or bruise on him!

The video below shows the chilling moment the 32-year-old is seemingly flattened.


3. Hit by love…then hit by a train!

A love-struck 12-year-old miraculously missed death after being hit by a speeding express train in Sydney, Australia after reportedly running across tracks to chat up a young girl. When running back to safety the boy is hit by a train just as he is about to pull himself onto the platform. Incredibly after the train has left he manages to haul himself to safety. His leg and elbow were broken and his body covered in severe grazes, but frankly it’s a miracle he survived being hit by a train at all.


4. Chuffing heck!

When the gates are down at a level crossing, you know a train is on its way. But that didn’t stop this fella in Queensland, Australia from pushing his way past the gates in order to cross the tracks. Unfortunately the 20-something man was so busy listening to music on his headphones that he didn’t hear an express train coming and was hit – sending him flying several feet across the tracks. Incredibly he suffered only scratches and fractured bones. But he was also hit in the pocket when officials charged him with entering a rail crossing when warning signals were operating, and fined him the equivalent of £1108.


5. You snooze, you lose


This commuter in the Czech capital Prague was clearly feeling dead on her feet back one day back in July 2013. CCTV captured images of the woman swaying unsteadily just seconds before a tube train came speeding into the station. As she fell, a shocked man lunged desperately to try to grab her, but it was too late. The woman fell right onto the tracks, and seconds later was run over by the tube train. As luck would have it, she fell between the rails meaning the train went straight over her, leaving her unharmed. She was pulled to safety between two carriages and walked away refusing medical attention and insisting she was ‘just tired’.


6. A miracle escape

Your heart will be in your mouth watching this young man attempt to escape from beneath the wheels of an enormous freight train in America. The lad in the clip is believed to have been returning from a fishing trip with a friend when they decided to cross the railway tracks. It’s claimed the train was stationary when they choose to squeeze between two of its carriages to get to the other side of the track. Only as one of the boys was squeezing through the train suddenly began moving, causing him to fall beneath the train. As to why the lad didn’t just lie there until the train had passed and instead risked his life by leaping from beneath the train? In America many such trains have devices called ‘cow catchers’ attached to the back, designed to scoop up debris or dead animals from the track. So it’s quite possible, jumping from beneath the train may have saved this boy for a particularly gruesome death!


Have you had any crazy experiences or near misses with trains you’d like to share?