Christmas is long gone – but which of those Christmas presents that were so sought after for 2014 are now at the back of your kitchen cupboards or forgotten fodder destined for the charity shop?


1. Loom Dis-Bandedchristmas presents: loom bands frozen merchandise

Ahhh Frozen – the cartoon that just keeps on giving and generating merchandise… but the love for that sought after Frozen Loom band gift set has melted and you’re still smarting from the stray band you had to pick out of the Hoover.


2. Selfie-Love in Public

christmas present Hipster style bearded man taking selfie


You’ve uploaded all your hilarious photos from New Year’s taken with your selfie stick.

But now it sits in that drawer of dead useful stuff that has died.

The stick is too big to put in your clutch bag for an evening out and since you saw some self-absorbed hipster using one on the way to work, you’re going to stick to the old method of extending your arm.


3. Melon and Broccoli Workout



Yes! Yes! Yes! 2015 – you were going to detox, look after yourself by macerating fruit and veg within an inch of its life, then down it in great nutritious gulps. All in the convenience of your own kitchen.

That’s until you realised what a faff it was to get it out of the cupboard – never mind prepping the fruit and veg – and then you’re left with cleaning a dripping container.

Already back to buying ready-made smoothies?


4. Frienemy Loyalty Cards

Cards_Against_Humanity_(15711676205)Advertised as the game for horrible people – Cards against Humanity.

Yes we all love a game after a few tipples – how we laughed at all the funny horrible things we were saying.

Then we realised we prefer bitching about our friends – and we don’t need cards to prompt us.


5. Half-hearted Cheers!half-pint-glass

Christmas Day and we all embraced the novelty half-pint glass. What a hoot – front-on it looks like a pint – side on it’s half a glass.

Sadly the joke was on us – as now we’re left with a glass that it’s practically impossible to drink from without dribbling or jamming your nose on the rim.


6. Oh My Drone….

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drone


Loads of manboys were hoping for this ultimate toy last year. The DRONE.

First we had to hear him droning on about how marvellous it would be to film our house from above, make footage of the BBQs this summer, the kids on sports day.

Secretly you thought it was because he wanted to see the MILF next door sunbathing.

So you shelled out a fortune.

Boxing Day – hubby takes you all to the seaside for a brisk walk and filming fun, where he finds out the drone is not as easy to use as Scalextric – and you and the kids watch it dive-bomb into the sea!


Come on, own up – which Christmas presents do you no longer want to own?