Think cats are lazy? Not these career kitties, who all mean business!


When it comes to cats with jobs, these kittens have got talent…

1. Lollypop cat, Sable

Since black cat Sable moved on to the same street as Enterprise Middle School, in West Richland, Washington, he’s found his kitty calling. Twice a day, he turns up to help Monti Franckowiak, the school’s safety officer, guide kids across the road, as this video shows. These days he’s still working and even proudly sports a high-vis jacket. He’s never missed a shift. Monti told a newspaper that Sable is a natural, saying: ‘When I’m sending the kids back over to his side of the street, he’s like ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered’.’


2. Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

Cats with jobs Larry

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All rise… Larry is a FIP (furry important puss) after all. Holding the role of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, he lives in Downing Street and he’s spent the last four years mingling with powerful visitors, including getting a stroke from Barrack Obama when he stopped by. But Larry’s main job is to keep the corridors of power free from mice (shame there’s not much he can do about the rats…)


3. Morris the Spokescat

Feline with cattitude, Morris might look chilled out, but he’s got a big job – spokescat for the US-based 9Lives cat food company. He’s been the face of the brand, marking every can with his signature and is beloved by millions, but he comes from humble beginnings in a rescue home. Three ginger cats – all called Morris – who have held the role have been rescued from shelters before starting their lives as high-powered business cats. The Morrises have never forgotten their background though, and now lend a helping paw to other shelter cats by fundraising.


4. Station manager, Tama

Cats with jobs Taka

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Tama, 15, is the manager of Kishi train station in Wakayama, Japan. Donning a cap and badge, she checks passengers tickets and, a firm tourist favourite, she’s said to have boosted the local economy by 1.1 billion Yen! Now she’s getting on a bit, she shares the job with her purr-sonal assistant, 3-year-old Nitama.


5. Bob the busker

Cats with jobs bob

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Busker and Big Issue seller James Bowen became a talking point on the streets of London due to his constant companion, street cat, Bob! Bob adopted James back in 2007, and has followed him everywhere since. As well as drawing crowds for James’ busking, Bob – known for his stylish knitted scarves – has become the star of several best-selling books about his exploits. Now his rag to riches story is being made into a Hollywood film!


6. Security cat Millie

Cats with jobs Millie Bandai

Toy company Bandai’s warehouse in Southampton needed a new security guard. So when workers spotted bengal moggy Millie roaming around the factory floor, it seemed like a sign. Her loud purr and excellent climbing ability made her perfect for the job. Not to mention the fact that she looks snazzy in a uniform. Millie gets paid in fish, cat food and cuddles and though she might look small, she’s no scaredy cat.


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