There’s nothing better than a good game of Monopoly. Even better are some of the themed versions, such as Disney Princesses and Dot Com. But not all of the novelty editions are brilliant. In fact, some are just downright bizarre! Here are the 5 weirdest Monopoly editions…


Bass Fishing Edition


Fish can’t buy hotels or even squats, for that matter. But Monopoly has found a way to angle a property game out of carp and the like. In the Bass Fishing edition, eager reelers can buy top fishing spots while gaining various prizes along the way. Smells pretty fishy to us…


2006 FIFA World Cup

monopoly-fifa-resizedThis might not seem that strange. After all, the World Cup is a huge global event, and the premise of the game is similar to real monopoly – you can buy teams and build stadiums. But creating a game based on just one year’s World Cup doesn’t make sense. Now, we’re no footie aficionados, but do you remember the World Cup 2006? No, us neither…


Cat Lovers edition


Ever wanted to own a variety of cat breeds? Well, desire no more as Cat Lovers Monopoly is here! Instead of buying property, you can buy breeds. It doesn’t sound very loving or caring to us. But perhaps the cat-themed tokens to move around the board, such as a mouse and a cat of tuna, will keep the little moggies happy.


I Love Lucymonopoly-love-lucy-resized

This has to be the strangest of them all. I Love Lucy was a popular 1950s American sitcom. But, unlike The Simpsons version, this Monopoly just doesn’t work. Released in 2008, instead of buying properties, you buy episodes. What you do with them then, or how much they’re worth, we’re not entirely sure…


Horse Lovers Editionhorse-monopoly-resized

In a similar vein to the Cat Lovers edition, this equine version of the game
involves collecting different horse breeds, and features a brilliant collection of tokens: horseshoe, haybale, riding boot, saddle, horse trailer – and best of all, a horse. No fighting over who gets that one, you guys.


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