Sometimes, us veggies can get stick for being tree huggers, but deep down, we feel we've made the right choice not to eat animals. And we also know when the steak-munchers and burger lovers among us would struggle to stay on the veggie wagon…


1. When you’re hungover and craving a bacon sarnie



Woken up with a slightly sore head, dry mouth and a famished tum? A bacon sarnie with lashings of brown, or red sauce is the only answer, right? Yes, but a veggie’s brain immediately shouts, ‘Stop! Put down the pig!’ And we settle for an egg bap instead. Maybe it’s not quite the same, but we can pat ourselves on the back, because it’s definitely the biggest hurdle…


2. When you catch a whiff of hot dogs at a BBQ

Single hot dog on a white plate with the words eat me spelled out with mustard veggie


Just add some mustard and fried onions, and you’re good to go, right? Not for us vegetarians. Nope, it’s meat-substitute bangers all the way! OK,  even with lashings of ketchup we’ll admit they don’t taste exactly the same, but we can smile, safe in the knowledge that we’re doing a kind thing. Meat eaters, reckon you could replace that juicy banger with a phoney?


3. Christmas – you can’t imagine it without turkey

Four turkeys veggie


Nut roast, anyone? You’re right, it tastes just as bad as it sounds. But there’s plenty of other veggie options these days. No, it ‘isn’t the same’ but then, that’s the point of being veggie. We don’t want to eat that little turkey that was once running around a farmyard, gobbling away, oblivious to his yuletide fate! If you can get through Christmas without turkey or pigs in blankets, we reckon you’ll be a veggie for life.


4. Sunday dinners – you love a bit of real gravy

Roast beef with yorkshire puddings, gravy being poured veggie


We’re not talking about gravy granules here. We’re talking about proper gravy, made from meat juices. Real flavour, real ingredients, just like Nan used to make. But seeing as being a veggie means saying no the actual meat, you’ve also got to refuse the juicy stuff, too. Having said that, if Nan forgets to tell you that she’s added the juices, you meat munchers can just pretend you didn’t know, right?


5. You’re convinced pepperoni pizza is the only kind of pizza

Pepperoni pizza veggie


What would you like on your pizza? Sweetcorn? Mushrooms? Green pepper? Sounds delicious to us veggies, but for most meat eaters, a sausage pizza is the best kind, and sliced courgette just isn’t going to match up, no matter how hard you try!